15-16 October 2024 | Singapore



15-16 October 2024 | Singapore

The Leading
Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work APAC Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Management


✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation


Executive Director, TA

FOW2022 was one of my favourite conferences in many years - It has a nice mix of speakers from different sectors and sides of the markets, topics varied in mode of presentation and all content was timely and relevant to the moment we are in. Sign me up for FOW2023 please!


Director, Workplace Transformation

"Inspiring to share and learn from others across industries on how to unleash the full potential of our people"

EF Education

Sr. Director of Employee Experience

"These last two days were such an incredible opportunity to hear directly from leaders across the people/HR space about how they're confronting and solving for the numerous challenges we face. I left feeling excited and invigorated at the opportunities we had within our organization to face the future"


Vice President

"The Future of Work USA conference exceeded my expectations. A great selection of speakers sharing their insights and thoughtfully answering questions. The networking with other attendees was energizing and the conference hosts were so welcoming!"

Sanofi Vaccines

Head of HR R&D

"Excellent conference, well organized, great speakers!"

2023 speakers

Pauly Grant, Chief People Officer

Publicis Groupe ANZ

Tracey Taylor, Chief People Officer

Transport for NSW

Rebecca Nash, Chief People Officer


Amalie Smith, Chief People Officer, People and Safety Division

Essential Energy

Lisa Murphy, Chief People Officer

Fantastic Furniture

Diane Samaroo, Inclusion and Diversity Lead

Endeavour Energy

Ida Pulic, VP of HR

Toll Global Forwarding ANZ

Julie Bradshaw, General Manager People Experience

TPG Telecom

Sally Connell, Chief Transformation, People and Sustainability Officer

Foxtel Group

Sarah Blades, General Manager Communications, Human Resources and Communications

Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd

Jolanda Rotteveel, Future of Work Consultant

House of Change FoW

Sally Kincaid, Chief People and Culture Officer

nbn™ Australia

Dean Summlar, Vice President Talent Management & Learning

Schneider Electric

Anat Hassner, Chief People Officer


Lindy Visagie, GM, Organisational Development, Diversity and Strategic Change


Lynnette Edmonds, SVP, Head of People, Australia


Robert Stone, People & Culture Director

CHEP Network

Sumit Chakraborty, People Talent and Leadership Development Lead

Greenstone Financial Services

Sarah Abbott, Global Inclusion and Diversity Leader


Duane Herring, Head of Digital Workplace and Contact Centre


Lara Stalquist, Head of People and Culture


Raminta Kymantas, Global Leadership and Organisational Development

Maxeon Solar Technologies

Melissa Irwin, Chief Data, People and Sustainability Officer

Endeavour Energy

Sophie Holtham, GM, HR Strategic Programs, Performance & Reward

News Corp Australia

Therese Ravell, Director and Principal Consultant

Impact HR Consulting

Ramak Salamat, VP APAC


Samantha Cookson, National Manager, Internal Communications

Calvary Health Care

Lauren Spies, SVP, Senior People Partner


Alissa Bartlett, Chief People Officer

JCDecaux Australia

Andrew Atkin, General Manager of Information Technology ANZ

PVH Brands

Rebecca McDermott, Director, Talent & Leadership


Joahnna Corvetti, Director,

Levant Consulting

Clare Edwards, Principal

BrainSmart People Development

Tina Paterson, CEO

Outcomes Over Hours

Kendra Parker, Director, Global Employee Experience - Future of Work


Sym Yeow, Senior Customer Success Manager

Unily Australia

Maddie Scifleet, Sr. HR Business Partner


Kylie Terrell, Director of Consultancy

Reward Gateway

David Vander, CEO


Dr Melisah Feeney, Principal Consultant


Kathryn Hume, Founder

Workforce Transformations Australia

Dr Patrick Aouad, BMedSc | MBBS | MPhil | FRACP, Consultant Neurologist and CEO

CU Health

David Brudenel, Chief Revenue Officer


Eva Wedig, Customer Success Manager APAC


Charlotte Bowen, Account Executive


Victoria Mills, CEO & Founder

Hello Coach




Chairs Opening Remarks



CEO Fireside chat: Leading the way to The Future of Work

  • Where are CEOs focusing their attention when it comes to The Future of Work?
  • What are they looking for from their leadership team?
  • How have CEOs changed their outlook and strategies post-pandemic?
  • What are the biggest challenges CEO’s now face?
  • How can they inspire the whole organisation and lead authentically?


Presentation: Navigating continuous disruption and change

  • A look at the strategic role of HR in driving organisational change.
  • How can organisations combat change fatigue among employees?
  • Importance of engaging with all stakeholders on the change journey
  • Ways to support employees through periods of uncertainty.


Presentation: Solving the hybrid conundrum

  • Balancing flexibility with performance and connection.
  • Are back to office mandates the answer?
  • How are you differentiating the office experience to the remote working experience? 
  • How can you earn the employees commute to the office?
  • Which operating models are best for retaining staff?
  • How can organisations achieve real success in this new world of work?




Future of Work Connects



Morning Break and Networking



Presentation: The impact of AI on the future of work

  • Is your organisation ready to harness the power of AI? 
  • What benefits and opportunities does AI bring? A look at unlocking efficiency and boosting productivity.
  • What new jobs will AI create within an organisation? How can employers plan for that?
  • What upskilling and training will workers need to work alongside AI?
  • Ensuring ethical use of AI.


Presentation: Creating Quality Employee Experiences: A Modern Approach to Employee-Centric Benefits

You’ve seen it yourself. The challenge for Human Resource professionals has never been greater. How do you hire, engage, and retain employees so that you can stay on top of your game? How do you leverage data to get more engagement and ROI out of your benefit spend?

This presentation explores how the latest innovations in benefit planning can help your organization achieve its goals and keep employees engaged.

During the presentation you will learn how to:

  • Go beyond benchmarking for true personalization in your planning.
  • Leverage evidence-based benefit planning in your organization.
  • Implement a benefit plan that addresses key challenges in the current environment.
  • Support unique employee populations in a competitive job market.
  • Use personalization in your benefits program to promote inclusivity.
  • Promote quality employee experiences as part of a total rewards strategy.

Join us as we explore how data-driven benefit planning can help you create a meaningful value proposition - addressing key challenges and helping your organization differentiate itself for success.



Lunch & Networking



Panel: Elevating the Employee Experience for organisational success

  • Creating a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment that values and supports employees.
  • Effective communication and engagement strategies to enhance the employee experience.
  • Tailoring your employee experience across all of your different demographics
  • Measuring the impact of your EX programs - how can you tell how well they are working?


Presentation: The Future is Data-Driven

  • How can organisations leverage data insights to make informed decisions about The Future of work.
  • Using data for enhancing employee experience, measuring productivity and performance, diversity and inclusion metrics and much more
  • How can you effectively collect data, form current employees and from candidates?
  • Ensuring ethical and responsible use of data


Panel: Workplace technology to enhance human connection

  • Bringing humans and technology together to design great employee experiences that support and include the whole workforce.
  • Unlocking creativity and productivity through better use of technology
  • The role of tech in connecting and engaging the workforce wherever they work and enabling cross team collaboration
  • How can organisations be sure of making smart decisions when it comes to which technologies to invest in and implement?



Afternoon Break



Collaboration Session

 Attendees will have a focus area or business problem to discuss in their groups. This is an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with your fellow attendees.

The purpose of the session is to share ideas, flex your creative thinking and collaborate to discuss a challenge facing businesses / HR departments today.




End of day one conference sessions


5:20pm - 6.20pm

Networking drinks in the exhibition area

5:20pm - 6.20pm


Chairs Opening Remarks



Panel: Investing in belonging through culture, values, and DE&I

  • Do your company values and purpose propositions speak to your employees and show them they belong?
  • How can organisations ensure leaders are intentional about creating a strong, positive, and inclusive company culture?
  • What are you doing within your businesses to create a sense of belonging for all?
  • How can you make culture about emotional connection and not about bricks and mortar?
  • The importance of strong company values and vision to unite employees.


Presentation: Attracting employees in a dynamic job market

  • What recruitment challenges are organisations facing in 2024 and beyond?
  • Building and promoting an employer brand that attracts top talent
  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Leveraging technology to improve efficiency and reach a wider audience of potential candidates.
  • Developing robust talent pipelines and seeking new talent sources


Presentation: Comptia

details coming shortly....

Presented By: Senior Representative, Comptia



Morning Break and Networking



Presentation: Employee Listening

  • Creating a holistic listening program that moves beyond just surveys – what other ways can you listen to your organisation?
  • Actioning the insights to better the business and the employee experience.
  • How can you ensure that you are listening throughout the whole employee journey?
  • How can you get leadership involved and invested in the process?


Presentation: Canadian Association for Supported Employment

details coming shortly....

Presented By: Senior Representative, Canadian Association for Supported Employment 



Panel: Connect, engage and retain your deskless workers

  • How can employers empower and connect with their deskless workers?
  • The importance of a digital workplace for non-desk workers
  • How can you boost engagement and productivity for Frontline workers?
  • Ways to retain your hourly workforce
  • Creating a sense of belonging for all no matter where they work.
  • Can you implement and maintain a flexible working pattern for deskless staff?


Lunch & Networking



Presentation: Prioritising Employee Wellbeing

  • Creating an environment of trust and psychological safety
  • How can employers avoid employee burnout?
  • Why employee wellbeing is a business priority that should not be overlooked.
  • Making employee wellness meaningful, what can you do beyond rolling out apps?
  • Creating a culture where employees can thrive.


Presentation: Embracing and predicting future workforce skills

  • Understanding the changing technology landscape and its impact on workforce skills.
  • Data-driven approaches to skills forecasting.
  • Designing training and development programs.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and upskilling.


Panel: Developing impactful and effective managers.

  • What do organisations expect from their managers and leaders?
  • A look at how responsibilities and expectations have changed.
  • How are employers equipping their managers to lead effectively and engage teams wherever they work?
  • What capabilities and skills do managers need to connect with employees?
  • Developing management styles that foster an environment of trust, communication and appreciation.


End of Day Two


Standard Two Day Pass

$1000 Singapore Dollars
  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networing
  • Lunch & Networing
  • Access To All Sessions on The Day
  • Access To All Sessions Post Event Via The FoW Hub