APRIL 8-9, 2024




The Leading
Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work Canada Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Management
✓ Talent Management


✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation
✓ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Day one

  • 9:00AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting

  • 9:10AM

    Panel: HR’s role in creating a great ‘future-ready’ organization

    • How can HR help prepare their organizations for the Future of Work
    • Building a Future of Work framework and aligning people strategy to ensure successful business operations.
    • How can HR leaders contribute to a culture of high employee engagement and positive employee experience?
    • Harnessing the full potential of employees and gaining a competitive edge.

    Moderator: Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting


    Ramneet Aujla, Chief Human Resources Officer, Metrolinx
    Kelly Davis, Chief People Officer, Sunwing Travel Group
    Corey Daxon, Feldman Daxon Partners
    Kelly Mawhinney, Partner & Toronto Career Office Business Leader, Canada, Mercer

  • 9:50AM

    Presentation: What steps can HR leaders take to make an impact on their organizations?

    • Are the traditional operating models still fit for purpose?
    • How can organizations truly empower their HR Business Partners?
    • Strategies for streamlining inefficiencies
    • How do you push self-serve and get into the true business of HR strategic support?

    Presented By: Leena Verma, Vice President Human Resources, Revera

  • 10:20AM

    Presentation: Great Employee Experience: It’s Remotely Possible

    • The world needs visionary leaders who understand that the Future of Work is is about designing organizations that prioritize employee experience
    • Meaningful experiences keep employees invested and fulfilled
    • Experience cultivates a feeling that, like culture, is intangible 
    • When teams are united by purpose and trust, empowered to live and work on their terms, are exposed to diverse perspectives, they achieve more and stay longer
    • This progressive session reveals how to leverage remote work’s unique combination of personal agency and diverse hiring to strengthen employee experience and culture

    Presented By:

    Hawley Kane, Director of Impact + Experience, Velocity Global

  • 10:50AM

    Future of Work Connects

  • 11:10AM

    Coffee Break and Networking Break

  • 11:40AM

    Panel: Empowering the Hybrid Workforce

    Understanding the three key elements of creating an impactful hybrid work strategy: mindset, culture, and technology, and how they come together to support employee wellbeing and the future of work.

    Moderator: Jason Brommet, Head of Modern Work & Security Business, Microsoft Canada


    Maarten Verhaar, Director of Digital Workplace and Enterprise Voice, Technology Operations, CIBC
    Paula Allen, Global Leader, Research and Client Insights, TELUS Health

  • 12:20PM

    Presentation: Creating Quality Employee Experiences: A Modern Approach to Employee-Centric Benefits

    You’ve seen it yourself. The challenge for Human Resource professionals has never been greater. How do you hire, engage, and retain employees so that you can stay on top of your game? How do you leverage data to get more engagement and ROI out of your benefit spend?

    Join Faizal Mitha, Chief Innovation Officer at HUB International, as he explores how the latest innovations in benefit planning can help your organization achieve its goals and keep employees engaged.

    During the presentation you will learn how to:

    • Go beyond benchmarking for true personalization in your planning.
    • Leverage evidence-based benefit planning in your organization.
    • Implement a benefit plan that addresses key challenges in the current environment.
    • Support unique employee populations in a competitive job market.
    • Use personalization in your benefits program to promote inclusivity.
    • Promote quality employee experiences as part of a total rewards strategy.

    Join us as we explore how data-driven benefit planning can help you create a meaningful value proposition - addressing key challenges and helping your organization differentiate itself for success.

     Presented By: Faizal Mitha, Chief Innovation, HUB International

  • 12:50PM

    Lunch Break

  • 1:50PM

    Panel: Elevating employee experience through technology

    • How can employers be intentional with their technology approach to improve the digital employee experience?
    • Bridging the gap between the people function and IT to create effective digital workplaces.
    • Leveraging technology for internal insights and frequent touch points with teams.
    • How can employers remain competitive in their technology approach in such a fast-moving environment?

    Moderator: Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting


    Liz Volk, Chief Human Resources Officer, Longo's
    Imtiaz Ahmed, Vice President, Digital Experience & Enablement, SE Health
    Jeffrey Chu, Senior Vice President, People Culture and Technology, WWF-Canada
    Kristen Ruttgaizer, Chief People Officer, Igloo Software
    Matt Burns, Value Advisory Principal, Ceridian

  • 2:30PM

    Presentation: Why Coaching Works

    In this session we explore this ‘knowing-doing gap’ and the need for development that is more relevant, personalized and true ‘learning in the flow of work’. We offer insights from psychology and behavioral science on what actually changes behaviour and share practical techniques that you can use to scale organizational change. Key takeaways:

    1. The knowing-doing gap and where we tend to over-anchor
    2. Insights from behavioural science and psychology on how to change behavior and create new habits
    3. Scalable behavior change techniques you can use in your organization
    4. An alternative approach to ensure your people are learning (and doing) in the flow of work

    Presented By: Dana Ianuzziello, RVP, Sales – Canada, Ezra

  • 3:00PM

    Panel: Reconsidering culture in a hybrid world

    • How have employers had to change their culture strategies to reflect the new ways of working?
    • How can employers protect company culture whilst empowering hybrid teams?
    • Should companies be encouraging micro cultures that form around teams or should culture be determined from the top down?
    • How can leaders be intentional in creating a sense of belonging for all employees?

    Moderator: Mallory O'Connor, Practice Lead of Culture and Transformation, Habanero Consulting


    Alana Free, Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Goodlife Fitness
    Amanda Cennon, Head of Future of Work & Employee Experience, Electronic Arts (EA)
    Hawley Kane, Director of Impact + Experience, Velocity Global
    Palmer Simpson, Head of Canadian Accounts, HqO


  • 3:40PM

    Coffee Break

  • 4:10PM

    Discussion sessions:

    Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one of the following discussion groups:

    Group 1: Total Flexibility Vs. Mandated hybrid Vs. full-time In Office/ on site
    From strategy to execution. Now organizations have seen the effects of their chosen working model what outcomes have they seen? This session will look at different working models and discuss the pros and cons of each one. Is your model working or do you need to consider a different approach or adapt it? What do you need to support each working model?

    Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting
    Paul Anthony Hamilton, Director Talent Acquisition, LCBO

    Group 2: How can you move towards being a skills-based organization?
    This session will look at how organizations can shift mindsets and redefine talent strategies to move away from the traditional job role hierarchy to a faster moving, dynamic matching of skills to work and how do you move to skill-based hiring?
    Deanna Pathak, Global Head of Talent SVP, Klick
    Mallory O'Connor, Practice Lead of Culture and Transformation, Habanero Consulting

    Group 3: How can you equip your leaders to be successful in a multi-choice workstyle culture?
    Now that employees can work from anywhere, what tools and skills do leaders need? How are you equipping your leadership to be fully capable of navigating the new working models to make sure they are successful and deliver results?


    Tabatha Cammidge, Managing Director, Strategy & Future of Work, ATB Financial
    Melissa Di Natale, Senior Manager, Future Design, ATB Financial

  • 5:00PM

    End of day one summary and closing remarks

  • 5:15PM - 6:15PM

    Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Area

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Day Two

  • 9:15AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting

  • 9:30AM

    Presentation: Building a Future-ready workforce

    • How can employers predict what capabilities and skills their future workforce will need?
    • How can you move towards being a skills-based organization?
    • Ensuring you have the right people and skill sets to meet your future organizational needs
    • Bridging the skills gap, investing in your upskilling program, improving digital literacy
    • Rethinking strategies for gaining and retaining talent.

    Presented by: Charlotte Mason, Vice President, Organization Effectiveness and Future Workforce, TD

  • 10:00AM

    In conversation: Why Canada’s Shift to Purposeful Leadership Matters and How to Get There

    Jeff Rosin, Managing Partner at Amrop Rosin – a leading Executive Search firm – will have a conversation with Katherine (Katie) Dudtschak, a purpose-driven C-suite business leader, corporate board director, advisor and community builder, on Purposeful Leadership. Drawing from their years of experience as leaders in their respective fields, Jeff and Katie will tackle why Purposeful Leadership is critical now and how to bring it to life. This session will be of great interest to anyone in a leadership role at a purpose-driven organization, or an organization that is working toward becoming more purposeful and realizing benefits for people, the planet and profits.

    Presented By:

    Jeff Rosin, Managing Partner, Amrop Rosin
    Katie Dudtschak, Business Leader, Corporate Director, Advisor and Community Builder

  • 10:30AM

    Presentation: Working with Gen Z: Discover the values of the next-generation talent

    1. What do Gen Zers value most?
    2. How have their values evolved over the last four years?
    3. How do Gen Zers’ values inform their preferences for employer and job characteristics in the future of work?

    Presented By:

    David Drewery, Associate Director, Work-Learn Institute, University of Waterloo
    Ingrid Kaffka, BA ‘22, English and Political Science Graduate, University of Waterloo

  • 11:10AM

    Coffee and Networking Break

  • 11:40AM

    Presentation: Data and Dollars: How Analytics can Re-shape Total Rewards Strategies

    • How the Total Rewards questions we need to ask are changing
    • How data insights influence actions and investments
    • Evolving the Total Rewards conversation

    Presented By:

    Shelley Peterson, SVP, Total Rewards, Sun Life Financial
    Tara McRae, VP, Total Rewards Canada, Sun Life Financial

  • 12:10PM

    Presentation: How Employee Engagement is Changing in Today’s Organizations

    Every organization strives to design a more productive, meaningful, and engaging culture.  It’s a complex problem. As we look to the future, we see increasing complexity as leaders, manager and HR professionals try to steer through our post-pandemic world compounded by the ever-changing nature of work. Join us as we share what we learned surveying a wide range of Canadian organizations over the past two years.

    • Hear how engagement has changed
    • Learn about how the key drivers of engagement have changed and why
    • Learn how to maintain or re-engage employees in the face of these changes

    Presented By:
    Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO & Founder, TalentMap
    Keith Lykins, Ph.D., Senior Executive Consultant & Practice Leader, TalentMap

  • 12:25PM

    Presentation: Meaningful Connections by Design

    We work to earn a living, but we stay at an organization for the sense of purpose and connection we feel to the people we work with and the work we do together. If there’s one word that encompases economic trends such as the Great Resignation or Quiet Quitting, it’s disconnection.  In a time where the average employee tenure is less than 3 years, we need to ask ourselves, how exactly can leaders work to foster more connections between their employees?

    Everytime a group or team gathers is an opportunity to reinforce your culture, foster trust, and create a deeper sense of purpose. In this session you’ll learn the 5 keys to connection at work and how you can weave these connections within the entire employee lifecycle to retain your team and create a thriving workplace.

    We will explore why connection in the workplace is more important than ever and what you can do to accelerate trust, rapport and psychological safety. Let’s make that group of 300 feel like a gathering of 30. 

    Presented By: Jade Garrido, Director of People and Culture, ContactMonkey

  • 12:40PM

    Panel: Advancing DEI priorities

    • Balancing DEI objectives with short term staffing needs
    • What challenges does hybrid working present for maintaining equity in the workplace?
    • Strategies for advancing under-represented talent
    • Are your recruitment programs fit for advancing your DEI goals?
    • The importance of a good employee value proposition to attract and retain diverse talent

    Moderator: Sandeep Tatla, Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Fasken


    Amelia Hone, Work Integrated Learning, Project Coordinator, Autism CanTech!
    Michele James, Executive Vice-President, People and Transformation, Scarborough Health Network
    Karen Collins, Chief Talent Officer, BMO Financial Group
    Steve Yan, Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, BDC

  • 1:20PM

    Lunch Break

  • 2:20PM

    Presentation: Creating connection with a dispersed workforce

    • How can you maintain employee connection whilst still offering flexible working or that transcends locations, geographies, time zones and cultures?
    • Connecting employees to purpose and driving engagement
    • Generating authentic connections and capturing those ‘water-cooler’ moments remotely
    • Creating a sense of community and belonging for all employees

    Presented by:

    Amanda Cennon, Head of Future of Work & Employee Experience, Electronic Arts (EA)

  • 2:50PM

    Presentation: Leading HR into the future of work

    We will explore the trends that will influence HR in 2023 and beyond as determined by over 1000 Human Resources and business professionals from varied industries and geographies. What we know is that HR’s role has become larger, more important, and more challenging than ever. Closing skill gaps and making space for DEI continue to be demanding, while HR departments also grapple with digitization and curating the employee experience in a rapidly changing world.  Join this session to learn more and prepare for the evolving workplace. 

    Presented By:  Jason McDowall, Executive Advisor, McLean & Company 

  • 3:20PM

    Presentation: Working Smarter, Working Shorter: how reducing hours can improve performance as well as quality of life

    In thispresentation, director and co-founder of the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence Joe O'Connor will discuss the historic and present-day context to work time reduction, what is motivating leaders and driving the momentum behind the global push for a shorter working week, what the trends and data are telling us from recent global four-day week trials, how organizations manage to pull off working less without sacrificing productivity or revenue, and what this all means for the future of work.

    Presented By:

    Joe O'Connor, Director, Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence

  • 4:00PM

    Panel: Leadership development in the new era

    • Changing paradigms to a more human leadership style, what capabilities do future leaders need?
    • How do you enable good leadership with a constantly changing and dispersed workforce?
    • Developing strategic capabilities, behaviours, and frameworks.
    • Growing a diverse leadership succession pipeline
    • What critical challenges do leaders of today and tomorrow face and how can they be equipped to deal with them?

    Moderator: Liz Doyle Harmer, Leadership CoachLeadership Coach, Nkuzi Change


    Suzannah Kelly, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Apotex
    Kim Ellis, Vice President, Leadership Development & Culture, goeasy Ltd
    Lisa Tomlin, Senior Behavioural Scientist, CoachHub

  • 4:40PM

    End of Day Two



Prices & packges


Prices & packges


  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networing
  • Lunch & Networking
  • Access To All Session Across The Two Days
  • Access To All Session Post Event via the FoW HUB



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