The Leading
Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work Canada Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Management
✓ Talent Management


✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation
✓ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2022 Confirmed Speakers






Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting

Panel: The HR Leader in a Hybrid World
  • What are HR Leaders new priorities and how have these shifted over the last couple of years?
  • What has the pandemic and remote working taught HR Leaders about their workforce?
  • What do HR Leaders need to consider when formulating their back-to-work / hybrid work strategies?
  • How will HR leaders monitor and measure the effectiveness of their new model work strategies going forward?

Moderator: Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting


  • Kerry Pond, CHRO, Trillium Health
  • Liz Volk, Chief Human Resources Officer, Longo's
  • Nancy Nazer, Chief Human Resources Officer, OMERS
  • Corey Daxon, President, Feldman Daxon Partners


Presentation: Adopting a flexible working model
  • One size does not fit all - how can you offer employees a flexible model that suits them?
  • Challenges and opportunities that flexible working presents to employers
  • Maintaining connection and engagement in the flexible working model
  • How do you measure productivity?
  • How do employers maintain equity and inclusion with on-site workers vs. remote workers
  • Pippa Aird, Chief Human Resources Officer, Canadian P&BB, Wealth, Asset Management and New Ways of Working, BMO Financial Group

Coffee Break
HR & Engagement Track
Presentation: Leading Remote teams
  • Common challenges of leading remote teams#
  • What skills sets do managers of a dispersed workforce need?
  • How can managers inspire innovation and drive engagement across remote teams?
  • Creating a productive, engaging and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of location
  • Geoff Smith, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Health and Safety, Shawcor


Presentation: Tackling Employee Wellness Head On – Important Considerations for an Unpredictable Future

Forward-thinking employers have been re-evaluating how they support the wellbeing of their employees and tackle shifting workforce expectations, whether it’s working at home, more flexibility or improved health benefits and wellness.

In this session, participants will gain insights into how to re-think their workforce support to build resilience for an unpredictable future.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to build a Total Health and Performance strategy that benefits everyone
  • The new role of leadership in supporting employee health & wellness
  • Where to invest resources to improve the quality of life and work for employees
  • Mary-Lou MacDonald, National Practice Lead Canada, Health and Performance, HUB International

Presentation: The new workplace experience
  • Remote Vs. Office - when employees can work anywhere, what motivates them to work from the office?
  • What does the post-covid reality mean for office real estate?
  • How will flexible working enable employees to bring their best selves to work?
  • How can employers truly adopt a best of both hybrid strategy?
  • Prioritising employee health and safety


  • Janice Kee-Son, Senior Manager Workplace Design & Experience, TD Bank Group
  • Pamela Sin, Manager, Workplace Design + Experience, TD Bank Group


Digital Workplace Track
Presentation: Shaping and delivering your Strategy for the Workplace of the Future
  • What is the Workplace of the Future?
  • How do you build the business case for the workplace of the future?
  • Creating the workplace of the future team and governance model
  • Leadership roles and team structures critical to the success of transformation
  • Silvia Fraser, Director, Transformation, Workplace Strategies, ModernTO, City of Toronto 

Presentation: Experience: The Way Forward
  • Leaders want to make their organizations agile. If you digitize it, you can transform it.  First step is to digitize everything.
  • Expectations of the business users have changed, why do we still have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by product?
  • New ways of working have created new challenges to solve.
  • Josh Olson, Global Head of Experience Solutions, VMWare

Presentation: The role AI and automation in the modern workplace
  • Practical examples of how AI can be used in the modern workplace
  • Accelerating how work gets done with automation. What tasks can be automated? How do you decide what to automate first?
  • Human vs machine. How can humans and AI work together and addressing employee concerns
  • How can AI enhance employee experience?
  • Using employee data to drive business efficiencies.
  • Sayyed H. Nezhadi, Vice President, Digital Transformation and Innovation, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Lunch Break
HR & Engagement Track
Panel: Building and maintaining culture with a hybrid workforce
  • How can leaders be intentional about creating a strong, positive and inclusive company culture?
  • Facilitating open communication, collaboration and driving innovation
  • Shifting to an outcome-focused work culture
  • Promoting self-care and wellbeing and avoiding burn out
  • Effective onboarding introducing new team members
  • Creating a sense of belonging within the organization

Moderator:  Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting


  • Geoff Smith, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Health and Safety, Shawcor
  • AnnMarie Mercer, Vice President Human Resources, Walmart Canada
  • Rob Henderson, President and CEO, BioTalent Canada



Presentation: Hybrid employee engagement
  • Best practices for keeping hybrid workers motivated and engaged
  • How can you empower employees and make them feel valued?
  • Harnessing the power of feedback and ideas.
  • The importance of a good onboarding programme.
  • Ashley Thomson, VP People - Global, DECIEM | THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY


Digital Workplace Track
Panel: Building a collaborative and engaging digital workplace
  • What best practices are organisations discovering for effective communication and collaboration?
  • Ensuring all employees across the organisation (both office workers and frontline workers) have access to digital workplace technologies and feel engaged.
  • Creating better connection opportunities across the whole organisation.
  • Tools and technologies to optimise the employee experience and productivity
  • Designing a frictionless digital employee experience for all

Moderator: Ben Skelton, Vice President, Habanero Consulting


  • Julian Mills, Managing Director, Digital Communications, CPP Investment Board 
  • Imtiaz Ahmed, Head, Digital Enablement, SE Health 
  • Suzanne Knight, Vice President of Transformation Services, Walmart Canada 

Presentation: : Improving experience for frontline staff – enabled by digital
  • Human centric design approach to build tailored experience for frontline
  • Divide the vision into smaller chunks – fail fast, but learn quickly and adapt
  • Decouple legacy infrastructure / system from the vision of providing better experience
  • Using tailored change management approach – can it be driven by end users?
  • Imtiaz Ahmed, Head, Digital Enablement, SE Health

Coffee Break
Main Track
Presentation: Resignations, DE&I and Remote Leadership, Oh My!

Organizations around the globe are undergoing massive disruption to their business models, while at the same time facing unprecedented turnover at all levels. This latest wave of resignations brings with it the challenge of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a diverse set of leaders into remote & hybrid situations, where building trust at scale remains a constant challenge. Whether it’s an internal move or an external hire, new leadership can create internal tension in the organization, and for the incumbent, a sense of frustration around the reality of the role they were sold.


Key Takeaways

  • How resignations, diversifying leadership and remote/hybrid onboarding are all interconnected
  • The impact on new leaders of having valuable insights into the goals, objectives & challenges the team is facing as they walk into their new role
  • How to eliminate the drama and loss of productivity that often accompanies new leadership assignments
  • How to create more equitable and inclusive onboarding experiences
  • Explore how to design a remote leader onboarding program that takes advantage of an intact work team’s skills and allows new leaders to hit the ground running
  • Dessalen Wood, Global Chief People Officer, Syntax



Presentation: Communication strategies for a dispersed workforce
  • Best practices for communicating change through uncertain times
  • Long term communication strategies that motivate and encourage collaboration
  • Selecting the right tools and channels to deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time.
  • Keeping employees engaged through effective and creative communications
  • Lessons learnt from over the last 2 years dealing with the pandemic
  • Lyne Parent-Garvey, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hydro Ottawa

End of Day One
5pm - 7pm
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Day Two


Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting

Panel: Surviving the Great Resignation
  • What can HR do evolve the employee value proposition?
  • Addressing the work-life balance - how an employers promote a healthy work culture?
  • Outcomes over output - reimagining how productivity is measured
  • Extending trust and creating great employee experiences
  • How can employers provide additional flexibility?

Moderator: Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting


  • Tracey Kalimeris, Vice President, Talent & Culture, North & Central America, Accor
  • Permpreet Soomal, Vice President, Human Resources Business Partner, Scotiabank
  • Amanda Cennon, Head of Future of Work and Employee Experience, Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Anne-Marie Fannon, Director, Work-Learn Institute, University of Waterloo

Presentation: Getting Personal: How to Nurture and Grow Your Talent in Today’s Workplace
  • Why BIOVECTRA uses personalized development that is real, reliable, and relevant to grow and retain their talent pool
  • Keeping it Real - Personalizing your L&D strategy for individual employees
  • Making it Reliable - Scaling these programs across teams and seniorities
  • Ensuring it’s Relevant - Tying your programs to concrete business goals and KPIs
  • Lee McKinley , Manager, People Development, BIOVECTRA
  • Kristie Franco, Director of Sales, GrowthSpace

Coffee Break
HR & Engagement Track
Presentation: Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the hybrid workplace
  • What challenges and opportunities does hybrid working bring for DEI?
  • What do employers need to consider when advancing equity in a hybrid workplace?
  • Addressing the biases managers may hold toward in-person and remote work.
  • Loreli Buenaventura, Head of Learning, Talent and Diversity & Inclusion, HSBC Canada


Presentation: Supporting Employee health and Wellbeing
  • Designing a health and wellbeing strategy
  • Avoiding employee burnout, indifference or digital overload
  • Employing analytics to identify areas of concern
  • Restructuring working practices to deliver enhanced performance
  • Supporting employees in the transition back to the office
  • Andrew Honor, Wellbeing Specialist, North America, Unilever


Digital Workplace Track
Presentation: Applying an agile mindset to the digital workplace
  • The importance of an agile mindset when creating a digital workplace 
  • Agile methodology and mindsets to consider, and key learnings for successful implementation 
  • What has the pandemic taught us about being able to adapt quicky to changing and ever evolving workplace requirements? 
  • Sandra Walker, Executive Director, Transformation and Communications, Roche 

Presentation: Workforce transformation

Work trends have been accelerated over the last two years to further advance topics such as remote work and digital transformation.

In this session will look at:

  • Work trends shaping today and tomorrow's initiatives
  • The importance of taking a nuanced approach to workforce transformation
  • Practical examples of how employers could help address the evolving workplace trends (e.g. implementing a remote vs. hybrid work model)
  • Mohammed Chahdi, Director, Head of Americas HR Operations, Dell Technologies

Lunch Break
HR & Engagement Track
Panel: The future of work, what is it starting to look like?
  • How employers will adapt in terms of flexible work post-pandemic?
  • What employers and leaders can do to retain and attract employees in this challenging environment;
  • How flexible work changes the employer/employee ‘deal’, and what this could mean for total rewards/compensation.

Moderator: Mallory O'Connor, Practice Lead of Culture and Transformation, Habanero Consulting

  • Shelley Peterson, SVP, Total Rewards, Sun Life
  • Jeffrey Chu, Senior Vice President, People, Culture, and Technology, World Wildlife Fund
  • Kimberley Mullins, Director of Talent Development, Shopify
  • Samantha Lee, Vice President Workforce Strategies and Enablement | People, Culture & Brand, CIBC
  • Margo Hoyt, Head of Client Experience, North America Learning & Development, LHH

Presentation: Future-proofing Learning & Development
  • Preparing your employees for the future of work
  • Best practices for implementing impactful learning programs
  • How to design a program to meet needs across a wide variety of audiences
  • How learning programs will look going forward
  • Tabatha Cammidge, Managing Director, Strategy & Future of Work, ATB Financial 
  • Melissa Di Natale, Senior Manager, Future Design, ATB Financial

Digital Workplace Track
Panel: Leading the digital transformation change agenda
  • The importance of successful change management for success digital transformation
  • How can change teams best prepare employees for a digital workplace and new ways of working?
  • Putting employees at the heart digital transformation
  • Robust communication strategies to boost employee adoption

Moderator: Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting


  • Julie Barraclough,AVP, Change Management - Technology & Platforms, TD Bank
  • Mohammed Chahdi, Director, Head of Americas HR Operations, Dell Technologies
  • Annabella Tamburro, Sr. Director, HR Transformation, Extendicare
  • Esther Akinrinlola, Director, Change Management, McCain Foods Limited


Case study: The digital journey 

A look at one organisation’s digital transformation journey. Looking at what they learnt, what they achieved and technologies deployed. 

  • Nick Williams, Head of Digital Workplace, Flight Centre Travel Group Americas

Main Track
Presentation: Using People Analytics to inform decisions about the Future of Work
  • How can data help organisations in shaping post-pandemic workforce strategies?
  • Helping business managers to become more data literate and apply people analytics effectively
  • Where will people analytics have the most impact in the next 12 months?
  • Robert Carlyle, VP, HR Analytics, Systems and Risk Management, Sun Life Financial
  • Graham Carey, Director, Talent Analytics, Sun Life Financial

Panel: The holy grail: How to truly engage employees and elevate the employee experience
  • How are employers boosting the employee experience and engagement post covid?
  • How has the employee experience changed now there are new hybrid working models?
  • A look at the shift in employee engagement to focus on well-being
  • Extending trust and investing in creating frictionless employee experience
  • How can employers create an inclusive company culture and a positive employee experience for all?
  • Employee listening strategies

Moderator: Steven Fitzgerald, Co-founder and President, Habanero Consulting

  • Suzannah Kelly, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Apotex
  • Dorena Quinn, VP, People, IAMGOLD Corporation
  • Sascha King, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience, Spin Master


End of Day Two

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  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networing
  • Lunch & Networking
  • Access To All Session Across The Two Days
  • Access To All Session Post Event via the FoW HUB


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