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Previous Speakers:

Bank Of England

Ken Bourn, Head of Digital Workplace


Elizabeth Burton, Director, Office Workspace, Workplace Transformation

National Bank of Canada

Denis Rousseau, Leader Employee Experience, Modern Workplace and Artifical Intelligence for HR

The Kraft Heinz Company

Temitope Sadiku, Global Head of Digital Employee Experience

City of Toronto

Silvia Fraser, Director, Transformation, Workplace Strategies


Camilla Campbell, Head, Global Tech Communications

9:00am ET 2:00pm GMT

Chairman's Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:20am ET 2:20pm GMT

Presentation: Developing a people-first digital transformation strategy

  • What business goals are you trying to achieve?
  • Assessing what tools your employees need or want in order to work more effectively.
  • Creating a digital workplace team. Leadership roles and team structures critical to the success of digital transformation
  • Successfully deploying new technologies – are employees aware of what to use and when?

9:50am ET 2:50pm GMT

Panel: Delivering a great digital employee experience for all

  • What does a great digital experience look like? Frameworks to map out your ideal digital employee experience.
  • How can employers provide a modern and flexible experience while maintaining security?
  • The importance of upskilling/reskilling your employees in digital channels

10:30am ET 3:30pm GMT

Presentation: The rise of desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

  • Has 2020 changed people’s perceptions of cloud-based services?
  • How can enterprises leverage DaaS at scale?
  • What advantages does DaaS bring to the remote work / hybrid workforce?
  • Monitoring your remote workforce

11:00am ET 4:00pm GMT

Presentation: BYOD: Securing Employee devices

  • Understanding the risks involved with employees using their own devices and unsecured networks.
  • Educating your employees on BYOD Security
  • How to avoid data breaches. How can you tighten up device security?
  • Embracing technologies such as password-less identity access management, mobile threat defense (MTD) and zero trust security.

11:30am ET 4:30pm GMT

Coffee and Speed Networking

11:50am ET 4:50pm GMT

Presentation: Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap

  • How can organisations prepare more people for the digital world?
  • Empowering your people for workplace digital transformation
  • Improving data literacy in employees.
  • Is your upskilling programme affective?

12:20pm ET 5:20pm GMT

Presentation: AI and the future of work

  • How can AI drive business efficiencies?
  • Implement AI quickly and easily without investing in a data science team
  • AI’s impact on skills needed in the workplace
  • Humans and AI working together

12:50pm ET 5:50pm GMT

Panel: Collaboration and Communication Solutions

  • What are the latest tech innovations to meet changing employee needs?
  • How do communication and collaboration tools effect employee engagement?
  • Collaboration tools for employees to access and use content
  • Integrating collaboration tools with business applications

1:20pm ET 6:20pm GMT

End of Conference