7-8 November, 2023

London | United Kingdom


7-8 November, 2023 | London, United Kingdom

The Leading
Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work Europe Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Management


✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation

2022 Speakers


  • 9:00AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Emma Parry, Head, Changing World of Work Group | Director of Academic Development, Cranfield School of Management

  • 9.15AM

    Panel: The HR Leader in a Hybrid World

    • What are HR Leaders new priorities and how have these shifted over the last couple of years?
    • What has the pandemic and remote working taught HR Leaders about their workforce?
    • What do HR Leaders need to consider when formulating their back-to-work / hybrid work strategies?
    • How will HR leaders monitor and measure the effectiveness of their new model work strategies going forward?

    Moderator: Emma Parry, Head of Changing world of Work Group, Cranfield School of Management


    Ewen MacPherson, Group Chief People Officer, Havas UK
    Jane Gibbon, Chief People Officer, London Business School
    Chris Norbury, Chief People Officer, E.ON UK

  • 9:55AM

    Presentation: Adopting a flexible working model

    • One size does not fit all - how can you offer employees a flexible model that suits them?
    • Challenges and opportunities that flexible working presents to employers
    • Maintaining connection and engagement in the flexible working model
    • How do you measure productivity?
    • How do employers maintain equity and inclusion with on-site workers vs. remote workers

    Presented By: 

    Morgan Bone, Head Of Corporate Affairs, Virgin Money

  • 10:25AM

    Presentation: Talent loss and HR Marketing: the bad, the good and the necessary!

    • Learn the most effective marketing strategies to apply to your HR department and skyrocket talent experience
      · Get insights from Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank (https://www.ca-cib.com/) : Discover how skills intelligence, purpose and personalization can have an ultimate impact in your organization
    • Understand the importance that employee experience has for your people and your organization, especially in today’s workplaces

    Presented By:

    Julie Asselin, Head of Marketing, 365Talents
    Robert King, Director Talent Development, Credit Agricole CIB

  • 10:55AM

    Coffee Break

  • 11:25AM

    Presentation: Why collaboration & improved ways of working are crucial for the future of work

    The world of work is at a crossroads: Since the pandemic, leaders have focused on transforming the workplace, yet employees have become more detached from work.
    At Howspace, we wanted to get to the heart of this issue and understand it from the perspective of collaboration.
    Join our session to learn about our findings on the State of Collaboration in the workplace.

    Presented By:
    Richard Serio, Account Executive, Howspace

  • 11:55AM

    Presentation: The new workplace experience

    • Remote Vs. Office - when employees can work anywhere, what motivates them to work from the office?
    • What does the post-covid reality mean for office real estate?
    • How will flexible working enable employees to bring their best selves to work?
    • How can employers truly adopt a best of both hybrid strategy?
    • Prioritising employee health and safety

    Presented by:
    Jacquiline McCreadie, Director, Global Workplace Experience, Finastra

  • 12:25PM

    Panel: Reshaping Your Workplace Through Technology

    How is your organization managing the tight labour market, limited skills availability, and gap business capabilities in an increasingly digital world? To win in this workplace, organizations have to be intentional with their technological approach to reduce friction and increase flow.  In this discussion we will explore the implications of this shift and the impact this will have in the future.

    • Implications for this new way of operating
    • How design-thinking led approach to technology has enabled organisations to compete in today’s environment
    • Other technologies that are reshaping the workplace and the way we work.


    Alex Hirst, Joint CEO, Hoxby and Author of Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society

    Dan Hutchinson, Vice President - HR UK & Ireland, Schneider Electric
    Manish Amriwala, Global IT Director for Infrastructure & Operations, OCI
    Giralda Chiverton, Region Lead, Howspace
    Susan Quain, Digital Employee Experience Director, Fidelity International
    Flaminia Curti, Digital Employee Experience Lead, Johnson Controls

  • 1:05PM


    Lunch Break

  • 2:00PM

    Panel: Building and maintaining culture

    • How can leaders be intentional about creating a strong, positive and inclusive company culture?
    • Facilitating open communication, collaboration and driving innovation
    • Shifting to an outcome-focused work culture
    • Promoting self-care and wellbeing and avoiding burn out
    • Effective onboarding introducing new team members, especially if they are working remotely.
    • Creating a sense of belonging for all within the organization

    Moderator: Kirstie Loveridge, Executive Vice President, People & Culture, AEG Europe


    Alastair Procter, SVP, Strategic HR Operations, Interpublic Group (IPG)
    Katie Lloyd, Global Head of Culture & Organisational Development, The LEGO Group
    Morven McLean, Head of Global Leadership Development, Arla Foods
    Eben Halford, Partner and Organisational Design Consultant, BeLiminal

  • 2:40PM

    Presentation: Building the people experience at OVO

    • How purpose creates a north star when building unique experiences
    • The importance and value in culture during the integration of a new business
    • The criticality of human connection and belonging and how we've moved the dial
    • The challenges we've faced along the way and how we've weathered the tougher times

    Presented By:

    Charlotte Eaton, Chief People Officer, OVO

  • 3:10PM

    Coffee Break

  • 3:50PM

    Roundtable Sessions

    Roundtable 1 - Tackling the cost of living crisis.
    Facilitated by Charlotte Eaton, Chief People Officer, OVO

    Roundtable 2 - Overcoming the leadership conundrum - balancing care and accountability
    Facilitated by Luke Fisher, CEO, MO

    Roundtable 3 - Inclusive Policies.
    Facilitated by Ewen MacPherson, Group Chief People Officer, Havas UK

    Roundtable 4 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
    Facilitated by Kirstie Loveridge, Executive Vice President, People & Culture, AEG Europe

    Roundtable 5 - Flexibility vs mandated hybrid? 
    Facilitated By Morgan Bone, Head of Corporate Affairs, Virgin Money

    Roundtable 6 - What's the difference between Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, and Internal Comms?
    Facilitated by Paul Bennun, VP Employee Experience, DAZN Group

    Roundtable 7 - How can we use technology to enhance human connection in the workplace
    Facilitated by Paul Conneally, Global Director of Communications, LiveTiles

  • 5:10PM

    Close of conference Sessions Day 1

  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM

    Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Area

Day two

  • 9:15AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Experience, Brand Experiences

  • 9:30AM

    Presentation: Human Connection in the Hybrid World of Work

    • Understanding the crucial link between organizational purpose and employees personal values
    • The rising importance of trust and connection in the workplace, beyond productivity
    • Employee Engagement needs to take on board and understand employee mindsets
    • What the future of employee experience and communication looks like

    Presented By: 
    Paul Conneally, Global Director of Communications, LiveTiles

  • 9:45AM

    Presentation: myPerformance – creating a culture of high-performance that drives excellence and a differentiated employee experience

    At Standard Chartered Bank we are evolving our approach to performance management and development across the firm in service of creating a client-obsessed, high-performance culture in which we all strive for excellence and drive growth.  To cultivate this, we are fostering the confidence and potential of all colleagues so that we all positively drive both our own development and the wider goals of the organisation.

    In this session, we will discuss the Bank’s transformation journey across performance management – including the removal of performance ratings, creating a rich feedback culture, and changing organisational behaviours.  We will look also at integrated change management and the digital enablers underpinning the transformation.  We will focus on the imperative of a clear narrative for the journey, the opportunities of digitisation in connecting the dots across the change to make for differentiated employee experience and the criticality of moving the dial on feedback to drive a new leadership culture.

    Presented By:

    Nicola Wood, MD HR - Performance, Reward & Recognition Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank

  • 10:15AM

    Panel: The Future of talent acquisition

    • What does the future of finding and hiring talent look like?
    • Boosting your employer brand
    • How will companies hire in a new era of advancing technology?
    • How is tech affecting the way employers find talent?
    • How best to adapt your business hiring strategies to an ever changing workplace and market

    Moderator: Lucy Standing, Founder, Brave Starts


    Neil Andrew, Head of Talent, Primark
    Ciaran Moloney, VP Enterprise Solutions, General Assembly
    Geeta Sood, Global Director Talent Acquisition, YouGov
    Ali Shepherd, Head of Talent, Omnipresent

  • 10:55AM

    Coffee Break

  • 11:25AM

    Presentation: Lessons for the world on attracting and retaining talent, an emerging markets perspective

    For any organisation, a failure to attract and retain the right talent will ultimately result in that organisation failing. Operating across more than 130 markets that contain over 65 percent of the world’s population and are home to over 6000 Mars Wrigley Associates, the Mars Wrigley Global Emerging Markets (GEM) team has seen the impact of the shifting employment dynamics on a worldwide scale; from Australia to the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

    Learn about the initiatives that make up Mars Wrigley’s future work strategy in GEM, the principles that are guiding its strategy even as different markets develop at their own pace, and how the learnings and best practice are being made available to all markets to help them refine their own strategies – showing how understanding the cultural nuances and sensitivities of one market can be used to create a better work environment for people globally.

    Presented By:
    Lucy Kuri, VP of People & Organisation, Mars Wrigley Global

  • 11:55AM

    Presentation: The employee experience starts with you.

    Presented by:

    Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Experience, Brand Experiences


  • 12:10PM

    Presentation: Data, AI and digital identity: Three key ingredients shaping the future of talent acquisition

    • The great resignation or the great reneging? The biggest challenges facing talent acquisition today
    • How leading talent acquisition teams are using data
    • Is AI in recruiting an advantage, ethical dilemma, or the biggest risk facing HR?
    • Why we need to talk about digital identity

    Presented By: 

    Sam Fletcher, Head of Talent Intelligence, PayPal

  • 12:40PM 

    Panel: The holy grail: How to truly engage employees and elevate the employee experience

    • How are employers boosting the employee experience and engagement post covid?
    • How has the employee experience changed now there are new hybrid working models?
    • A look at the shift in employee engagement to focus on well-being
    • Extending trust and investing in creating frictionless employee experience
    • How can employers create an inclusive company culture and a positive employee experience for all?
    • Employee listening strategies

    Moderator: Lucy Standing, Founder, Brave Starts


    Magali Demierre, Global Head of Employee Experience, Philip Morris International
    Sarah Kaiser, Head of Employee Experience, Fidelity International
    Paul Bennun, VP Employee Experience, DAZN Group
    Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication

  • 1:20PM

    Lunch Break

  • 2:20PM

    Presentation: Is the Future a 4 day week?

    • Is the 9-5 five day week still fit for purpose?
    • What are the benefits for employers and employees of moving to a 4 day week?
    • How are the trials in the UK going? A look at real life case studies and examples.
    • What challenges can employers expect and how can HR get buy in from the top?

    Presented By:

    Joe Ryle, Campaign Director, 4 Day Week Campaign

  • 2:50PM

    Presentation: Workstyle: The Revolution Begins

    Workstyle. The freedom to choose when and where you work, so that work fits around your life. A new word for a new era of work that will be defined by individual freedom of choice. If flexible working was the pre-pandemic answer to an inflexible system, then workstyle is the post-pandemic system that enables autonomy and redefines what it means to work in the digital age.

    Hoxby Co-Founders Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst introduce us to the concept of workstyle, sharing the 8 years of experience and research that feature in their bestselling book, ‘Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society’


    Presented By:

     Lizzie Penny, Joint CEO, Hoxby and Author of Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society

    Alex Hirst, Joint CEO, Hoxby and Author of Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society

  • 3:20PM

    Panel: Developing Future leaders

    • What will leadership in the future look like? What skills will future leaders need?
    • Identifying future leaders and creating robust succession plans that helps retain top talent
    • A look at training methods, what’s the best way to deliver training to future leaders?


    Lizzie Penny, Joint CEO, Hoxby and Author of Workstyle: A Revolution for Wellbeing, Productivity and Society


    Ioanna Pappa, Group Head of Leadership Development, Merlin Entertainments
    Emma Brock, Global Head of Leadership Effectiveness, GroupM
    Ash Thomas, Head of Talent & Leadership Development, British Heart Foundation

  • 4:00PM

    End of Day Two

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