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Welliba helps organisations unlock a better employee experience (EX) by moving beyond traditional employee listening and engagement technology solutions. We drive better outcomes for organisations and their employees by combining the best in behavioural science, human-centred technology, and robust data privacy measures. Responsible AI functionality, supported by Machine Learning, Generative AI and NLP, are embedded within the system to deliver a more efficient and intelligent solution for organisations and their HR, People and Culture teams, managers and employees.  With a global team of leading experts in this field, we are disrupting the current thinking and approaches in the employee experience market. 

HR, People and Culture Teams, managers, and employees gain access to predictive data and personalised insights on their employee experience as well as advice on how to improve it. We can predict key people and business metrics such as flight risk, eNPS / loyalty, absenteeism, trust, and growth. This can inform which people programmes, tools & resources may have the best potential return and impact.

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