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Confirmed Speakers

Ramsay Health Care

Richard Baggaley, Chief People Officer, UK

Deutsche Post DHL

Dr. Peter Schulz-Rittich, Vice President BPO and Digitalization HR

On the Border Mexican Restaurants

Diane Sanford, Chief People Officer

Radisson Hotel Group

Camilla Maggiori, Global Vice President Talent Management & Internal Comms

Atrium Health

Sebastien Girard, Senior Vice President Workforce Engagement

NHS Blood and Transplant

Gerrard Hartland, (Interim) Head of Internal Communications


Diana Valler, Vice President, Human Resources

Sun Peaks Resort LLP

Helen Davies, Director, Employee Experience, HR,

9:00am ET / 2:00pm GMT

Chairman's Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:20am ET / 2:20pm GMT

Opening Keynote

9:35am ET / 2:35pm GMT

Panel: Building a Company Culture for Frontline Workers

  • Creating a positive and inclusive culture for desk less workers
  • Engaging with front line team members through effective communication systems
  • Methods of cultivating a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • What role does technology play?

10:15am ET / 3:15pm GMT

Case study: Communicating with frontline staff

Case study showing highlights how Deutsche Post DHL in Germany digitally connected close to 200k employees with a new employee app, and how they are building out this app towards a „swiss army knife“ for information, communication and employee services.


Dr. Peter Schulz-Rittich, Vice President BPO and Digitalization HR, Deutsche Post DHL

10:45am ET / 3:45pm GMT

Presentation: The digital experience for frontline staff

  • Having a clear strategy and vision for the digital experience of frontline workers
  • Making informed decisions on what technology or devices they need
  • Ensuring access for all no matter their location or device
  • The importance of upskilling/reskilling your frontline employees in digital channels

11:15am ET / 4:15pm GMT

Coffee and Connection

11:45am ET / 4:45pm GMT

Presentation: Empowering the frontline through technology

  • How do employers connect their frontline through technology?
  • Making sure workers have access to communication and collaboration tools
  • Strategies for rolling out new tech – what do you need to consider? How do you get buy-in from staff and make sure they use it correctly?

Getting feedback from the frontlines – is it enhancing the customer experience?

12:05pm ET /5:05pm GMT

Panel: The Impact of Covid on HR and Corporate Communications

  • How has the pandemic changed the role of HR and Corporate Comms?
  • What new trends are we seeing?
  • What is the future of HR roles now that every employee is connected comms and HR?
  • What can be learnt from different industry verticals?


Sebastien Girard, Senior Vice President Workforce Engagement, Atrium Health
Diana Valler, Vice President, Human Resources, TravelBrands

9:30am ET / 2:30pm GMT

Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:50am ET / 2:50pm GMT

Case Study: Real World Success Story


10:05am ET / 3:05pm GMT

Case Study: Improving Internal Communication and Engagement at Ramsay Health Care

  • As part of the People Strategy signed off in 2020, it was agreed action needed to be taken to improve Communication and Engagement
  • A decision to invest in Social Media, Workplace (by Facebook) and roll out across the company to 5200 staff
  • 10 months into the launch, and with good adoption, a review of the benefits along with the long term plan and learning will be shared


Richard Baggaley, Chief People Officer, UK at Ramsay Health Care

10:35am ET / 3:35pm GMT

Case Study: Mental Agility during a crisis

How Mental Agility was achieved at OTB during Covid crisis by:
• Empowering people
• Establishing two-way communication
• Building Emotional Capital


Diane Sanford, Chief People Officer, On the Border Mexican Restaurants


11:05am ET / 4:05pm GMT

Coffee and Connection

11:10am ET / 4:10pm GMT

Presentation: Creating a safe working environment for frontline staff

  • What policies and procedures need to be put in place so that staff can feel safe in their working environment?
  • Do you have a vaccination policy? What do you need to consider? How are you communicating that to staff?
  • Balancing employee health and wellbeing, ethics and legal requirements

11:25pm ET / 4:25pm GMT

Panel: Connecting and Communicating with your Frontline staff

  • Strategies for reducing complexity and noise. Finding the right content, frequency, targeting and tooling.
  • Internal user panels and use case descriptions
  • Knowing what works – a look at polls and analytics
  • Distributed ownership vs. leadership and corporate policies


Gerrard Hartland, (Interim) Head of Internal Communications, NHS Blood and Transplant
Helen Davies, Director, Employee Experience, HR, Sun Peaks Resort LLP

12:10pm ET / 5:10pm GMT

Closing Keynote: