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Presentation: Building A Skills Based Organisation: Key Factors for Consideration

16 Oct 2024
Much is written and talked about in HR circles re the need to become ‘skills based’. But what does this actually mean?  What does it look like?  How do you transform to be a skills based organisation? This practical and informative session will explore what it takes to become a truly skills-based organisation and highlight the key elements that organisations pursuing this strategy need to consider.  Steve Scott, Global Head of Workforce Management, People Insight and Analytics at Standard Chartered Bank will describe the exciting work underway at the bank – regarded as many as one of the organisations leading the charge into becoming skills based.  The session will cover the business and employee benefits of becoming skills based, explore the required interventions needed across the full extent of the employee lifecycle to enable the transformation and highlight approaches to skills-based planning. With clear tangible take aways this practical based discussion will hopefully both inspire you and provide clarity on the required next steps for your organisation to take
Steven Scott, Global Head, People Insights and Analytics - Standard Chartered Bank
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