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Panel Discussion: Emerging talent views on working alongside AI

05 Mar 2024

Seventy-three per cent of employers prioritize hiring employees skilled in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). However, it can be challenging to find talent with the AI skills required. AI is transforming the workplace and many employers are looking to AI solutions for productivity, automation and workflow improvements. Emerging talent, like co-op students, understand that AI will be integral to their careers. They actively learn how to use AI as a teammate and partner in their tasks. In this session, University of Waterloo students talk about how they are utilizing AI during their industry experiences and how it positively impacts employers. They’ll share their experiences and offer strategies for how co-op students can help your organization embrace AI.  

Learning outcomes:  

  • How emerging talent views AI in the workplace and where they believe they need to build their skill set.
  • How emerging talent, like co-op students, can utilize AI in your organization for positive impact and results. 
Jodi Szimanski, Associate Director, Communications, Engagement and Digital Experience - University of Waterloo
Yang Li, Student - University of Waterloo
Brian Li, Student - University of Waterloo
Komal Vachhani, Student - University of Waterloo
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