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Presentation: What does “eXperience” mean in a tech-transitional world?

06 Mar 2024

Most of us haves witnessed tech disruptions over the years, including the PC, the Internet, ChatGPT, and practical automation. Disruptions will continue at an unprecedented rate as organizations worldwide embrace exponential technologies more quickly and more deeply than ever before. This brings up a question: What does it mean for a worker to have experience when tech is in constant transition?

Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, as he shows you what the most progressive organizations are doing to upskill their workers. He will discuss what he calls “skillability, which includes getting foundational skills that allow workers to cooperate and negotiate with the inevitable opportunities and uncertainty that occurs when we adopt net tech. James will also discuss how various job roles have focused on what James calls the “X factor,” which includes Customer Experience (CX), Partner Experience (PX), and Employee Experience (EX).

Are your workers eXperienced? If you’re not sure, then join with James in a lively discussion. internal training Customer Experience / Employee Experience are symptoms of exponential change.

Topics will include:

  • Tech challenges facing leaders in Canada and the world, from the confidence gap to diversity
  • Unique skillsets needed today and tomorrow, based on CompTIA research
  • Potential shortages we’re seeing in Canada and worldwide
  • How to create “skillable” tech workers
  • Successful talent upskilling and retention strategies
James Stanger, Chief Technology Evangelist - Comptia
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