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Presentation: From Insight to Implementation ' delivering a benefits strategy unique to your organization

05 Mar 2024

The world continues to change at a pace never seen before – the challenges you now face are unique and unprecedented.  With preparation and guidance, you can be prepared to usher in the future of work in your organization. 

Join Faizal Mitha, Chief Innovation Officer at HUB International, as he dives into the latest insights on how quality employee experiences can be engineered with intent using your own unique employee insights. 

During the presentation you will learn: 

  • About the many factors now and on the horizon which are threatening to impact your benefit plan sustainability.
  • How to go beyond standard employee information to meaningful employee insights to create intentional benefits strategies – starting today.
  • Evolving your employee value proposition in a way that really moves the needle for your organizational goals.
  • Understanding why retention is becoming the key HR challenge in the evolving environment.
  • The importance of promoting inclusive benefits and quality employee experiences as part of a total rewards strategy.

Join us as we explore how data driven insights can help you create an employee value proposition via benefit planning- addressing today’s major challenges and helping your organization differentiate itself for success. 

Faizal Mitha, Chief Innovation Officer - HUB International
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