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Presentation: AI in HR: What CHROs need to know about Workplace AI Regulations, Legislation, and Governance

14 Nov 2024

Commissioner Sonderling will address the implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in employment decision-making and human resources. Employers are using AI to make employment decisions at every stage of the job life cycle, from hiring to promotion to firing.

AI-driven technologies have the potential to make the workplace more open, fair, and inclusive by eliminating unlawful discrimination from employment decisions. However, AI can also amplify workplace bias if it is poorly designed or carelessly deployed. Drawing on real-world examples, this presentation will provide an overview of the promise and perils of using AI to make employment decisions. Commissioner Sonderling will provide an overview of the legal framework governing AI in the United States and will address the ways that U.S. civil rights laws protect employees from discrimination by algorithms. Finally, he will suggest ways that employers can reap the benefits of AI while respecting the rights of workers.

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