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13- 14 October, 2021 | Virtual

The Leading Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work Europe Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Mangement

✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation

Featured Topics:

What’s next for the Hybrid working model?

Developing skill sets for the future workforce

Supporting employee wellbeing and avoiding burnout

Revamping employee experience and engagement

Technology to support the Future of Work

Future of Work Europe

The Experience

Senior Level Speakers

Join the Future of Work Europe knowledgeable like minded peers sharing the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape with best practice insight.

Going Virtual

Now, more than ever, enterprises are turning to our virtual events to help them through their Future Work road-map. The Future of Work Europe provides a tailored seamless experience with live interaction and accessible content globally.

Engaged Community

Join the conversation and share experiences and insight amongst our global FoW community.  Networking throughout our events and online platforms.


Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

Victoria Dew, CEO, Dewpoint Communications

Panel: The Future HR leader
  • • What does the Future HR leader look like? What skills do they need?
  • • How can HR leaders gain and maintain their seat at the executive top table?
  • • Balancing the voice of the employee with the needs and goals of the company
  • • How can HR leaders strengthen and demonstrate their strategic ability?
  • What opportunities are there for HR in the new work paradigm?
  • Charlotte Eaton, Chief People Officer, OVO
  • Gundula Pabst, CHRO, Securitas Deutschland
  • Kiki van den Berg, EVP HR Strategy & Transformation - Head Digital Transformation, Rabobank

Presentation: What’s next for the Hybrid working model?
  • What have we learnt from the hybrid working model so far?
  • How has your company culture changed?
  • Strategies to integrate flexibility into the hybrid working model
  • Building a business case for future hybrid work

Gözde Demiral, Vice President, Human Resources Global Finance, GBS, IT and BT, Philips

Presentation: The evolution of ‘connection’ and its impact on employee experience
    • The multifaced and critical nature of ‘connection’ in the workplace
    • How internal and external comms are closer than ever before
    • How connection strengthens purpose and culture
    • Why feedback is critical to your organisation’s culture

Paul Conneally, Head of Global Communications, LiveTiles

Coffee Break
Presentation: The Impact of Covid on Internal Communications – 1 year on
  • How the pandemic gave IC the spotlight it needed
  • Continuing to drive Leader visibility and build trust
  • Company re-thinking how people internally communicate and collaborate and get work done when not in the same place
  • Partnering more closely with the Unified Comms Team so that we are not just being ‘IT led’.

Melanie Wheeler, Head of Internal Communication & Engagement, Sutherland

Panel: Revamping employee experience and engagement
  • How are employers boosting the employee experience and engagement post covid?
  • How has the employee experience changed now there are new hybrid working models?
  • A look at the shift in employee engagement to focus on well-being
  • Extending trust and investing in creating frictionless employee experience
  • How can employers create an inclusive and company culture and a positive employee experience for all?
  • Moderator: Lucy Standing, Founder, Brave Starts
  • Jay Muthu, Director- Organization and People Capability, Entain
  • Vullnet Latifi, Senior Director, People Experience | People Operations, Delivery Hero
    Sarah Boudhabhay, Head of Culture and Responsibility, ManoMano
  • Paul Conneally, Head of Global Communications, LiveTiles


Presentation: The Future of Work: Building a #Speakup Culture. Ethics and Compliance
  • Learn the different perceptions of workplace misconduct from two different views: employee and employer
  • Understand the cost of misconduct and the root problem - reporting 
  • Get practical tips on how to bridge the gap between expectations vs. reality, nurturing a SpeakUp culture and how to build trust within your organisations

Tori Reichman,  Chief Customer Officer, Vault Platform

End of Day One


Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

Victoria Dew, CEO, Dewpoint Communications

Panel: The new era of Internal communications
  • How has the pandemic changed the role of HR and Internal Comms?
  • What new trends are we seeing?
  • Aligning communication priorities to business objectives
  • Crisis communications and communicating change through uncertain times
  • Strategies for reducing complexity and noise. Finding the right content, frequency, targeting and tooling.

Moderator: Victoria Dew, CEO, Dewpoint Communications

  • Alissa Clarke, Global Head of Internal Communications, Tate & Lyle
  • Shanna Wendt, Vice President of Communications, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
  • Mark Tittle, Head of Internal Communications, Just Eat Takeaway.com

Presentation: Employee wellbeing in the digital age
  • Tackling mental health and encouraging social connectivity
  • Employing analytics to identify areas of concern
  • Managing potential conflict between home and office workers
  • How can remote workers keep separation between work and home life an avoid being on24/7.


Dr Steve Iley, Chief Medical Officer, Human Resources, Jaguar Land Rover

Presentation: Think big, act small

Join me as we discuss three small steps for internal communicators to implement today to get big results, no matter how big your organization is.

Karen Johnston, Director of Communications, IC Thrive

Coffee Break
Presentation: Developing skill sets for the future workforce
  • How can employers encourage growth and opportunities to its employees?
  • Boosting capabilities and skills through training
  • Do employees have the right skills to achieve drive future growth and performance?
  • Building technical skills in areas such as data science, AI and cyber security
  • Understanding emerging, existing and legacy skill sets
  • Adopting a dynamic approach to reskilling

Stephanie Rander, Enabler for Future of Work, Siemens Energy

Presentation: Creating true authentic Inclusion in workplaces
  • Understanding intersectionality and the multiple dimensions to authentic identities
  • How to weave EDI into everything that we do in the modern workplace
  • Inclusion for all, the importance of creating common understanding of EDI

Asif Sadiq, Senior Vice President | Head of Equity and Inclusion, Warner Media International

Presentation: Best of Both – the LEGO office of the future

The LEGO Group’s global Head of Workplace Experience Timothy Ahrensbach looks towards a post-COVID19 future and what this new reality means for the LEGO Group’s offices in 30+ countries around the world. Key topics include:
Introducing “Best of Both”; the LEGO Group’s new hybrid working model. How will flexible working enable LEGO employees to truly be their best selves and colleagues?
Workplace Experience in a hybrid reality. In a world where employees can work from anywhere, what would make them choose to work from the office?
Welcome to LEGO Campus – a sneak peek at the LEGO Group’s new global headquarters which has play at its heart and embodies the “Best of Both”.

Timothy Ahrensbach, Head of Workplace Experience at the LEGO Group

End of Day Two