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Presentation: Pension and End-of-Service Benefit: The Future of the UAE

30 Apr 2024
  • Retention: Exploring how pension and end-of-service benefits can be leveraged to retain top talent within organizations.
  • Financial Education: The importance of educating employees on pension plans and end-of-service benefits for better financial planning.
  • Corporate Tax: Examining the impact of corporate tax considerations on pension schemes and end-of-service benefits.
  • New Reform: Discussing the readiness of companies and employees for the impending reforms in the pension and end-of-service benefit landscape.
  • Engagement: Guidance on who to discuss and subscribe to pension plans with, ensuring compliance and maximized benefits – also the digital aspects
Mohamed Seghir, CEO - HAYAH Insurance
Adil Saghir, Head of Pensions - HAYAH Insurance
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