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Presentation: An Unloved & Reluctant Hero - The Effective Manager

29 Apr 2024

Employees who report to effective managers are 15x more likely to be high performers, are 13x more engaged & are 3 times more likely to have high intent to stay and organisations know that management effectiveness is key to driving positive experience and performance.

But managers feel ill-equipped to lead today’s workforce in the current environment. Globally the numbers reflect that Employee Experience, Engagement, Productivity drivers are stalled and declining. How can solve for this? maximise their impact and enable managers to thrive and be their best.

All teams, all people and all managers are different – People data & mass personalisation is critical to empowering managers- Organisations need to develop practices that bring the insights, learning and know-how into live regular team interactions & discussion.

David Barrett, CEO & Founder - Welliba
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