Discussion: How to harness the power of an hybrid organisation-
Exclusive to Nordics Professionals

Questions Include:


  • As offices begin to re-open, how can organisations build a meaningful work experience for employees, especially if they're using a hybrid model?
  • How are you working together and with your peers across the business to prioritize and operationalize hybrid acceleration?
  • What are your hybrid workforce plans going forward in 2021/2022? How does this outlook change the role of Internal Communications?
  • How do you empower your senior leaders to communicate quickly, visibly and authentically?
  • How do you encourage and facilitate two-way communication and feedback between your leaders and employees?
  • How do you assess the employee sentiment, the wellbeing needs and concerns of employees and if it's going well or not?
  • How do you create a sense of community for frontline employees and how do you make sure they feel like they belong to the company?
  • How do you build strong communities at work under a shared purpose and values using technology? What problems have you encountered?

Organisations must plan for new ways of working as covid restrictions relax. They need to reach and connect with people based at home, in the office, in the field or across a mixture of all of them. Doing this effectively means constantly listening to people's issues, concerns, challenges, needs and emotions.

Employee experience is how companies foster a sense of belonging. It’s a whole series of actions, techniques and strategies which, taken together, help employees create deeper connections with their work, their colleagues and the organization itself. That, in turn, helps i mprove company-wide performance - because when people feel better at work, they do better at work. This roundtable discusses the best strategies to achieve that.


Roundtable Discussion:

How to harness the power of an hybrid organisation

15 IC Experts

Our roundtable is an invitation-only gathering of 15 high-profile IC professionals especially dedicated to the Nordics market.

Topics & Goals

Each participant contributes to the discussion from his/her own experience and shares challenges and ideas in the employee experience space.

The Host

This event is hosted by Workplace from Facebook. A communication platform that brings employee experience to life by empowering leaders to talk, listen and connect with their hybrid teams.