Roundtable Discussion: Connecting and empowering todays anytime-anywhere workforce

Exclusive to Nordics Professionals

Organisations need to connect their employees from more locations than ever before but achieving this has proved more challenging than ever before. In their effort to maintain connectivity and a cohesive employee experience, businesses struggle to communicate effectively with all employees, including frontline staff, across multiple locations.

In addition, employee wellbeing has become a top priority amongst organisations globally since the start of the pandemic; ultimately, strong communication has proven to empower workers and make

them feel more safe and secure, especially when adapting to a hybrid model of working – a mix of office, remote and frontline work. To truly harness the best methods for connecting people across the business, leaders must look into tools that are accessible to everyone within their organisations.

Key Discussion Points
  • Fostering connection through authentic leadership communications
  • Strategies to ensure culture and communication are across all levels of the business
  • Enabling frontline employees to feel connected to their teams and the organisation
  • Creating direct channels of communication with your workers and ensuring mobility when implementing hybrid working

Previous Participants Include:

Jonatan Arenius, Chef internkommunikation


Jenny Giango Andersson, Internal Communications and Employer Branding


Rajiv Arvind, Director - Communications


Sari Hildén, Head of Communications and Transformation


Cathrine Stjärnekull, Director Communications and Sustainability


Nadine Nordvig, Head of Group Internal Communications


Charlotte Mayntz, Head of Communication, Group People


Hanna Wallenberg Director of Communications North Bothnia Line

Swedish Transport Administration

Virtual Roundtable Discussion:

Connecting and empowering todays anytime-anywhere workforce

15 IC Leaders

Our roundtable is an invitation-only gathering of 15 high-profile Internal Communication professionals within the Nordics region.

Topics & Goals

Each participant contributes to the discussion from his/her own experience and shares challenges and ideas in the employee experience space.

The Host

This event is hosted by Workplace from Meta. A communication platform that brings employee experience to life by empowering leaders to talk, listen and connect with their hybrid teams.