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BindTuning is a leading software provider for deployment automation and intranet solutions. We help companies deliver ‘work from anywhere’ intranets that prioritize productivity while providing personalized employee experiences. Our clients make the most out of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online, resulting in fully-branded, modern, and innovative digital workplaces that empower employees to perform at their full potential.

Committed to Microsoft’s best practices, BindTuning prioritizes agility and innovation as a clear competitive advantage. Our products are aligned to the latest for Microsoft 365, modern, classic SharePoint, online and on-premises. More than 200 enterprise-level customers representing diverse industries around the world and 100+ partners across 50+ countries rely on BindTuning.

We believe intranets are more powerful when they empower everyone to do more. This is what drives us to develop easy-to-use and code-free products. Everyone should have access to a digital workplace that allows them to work at their best.

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