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Gardenuity is a technology-enabled wellness company on a mission to make gardening and the “I grew that” experience accessible to everyone, no matter their age, location, circumstance, or skill level. Founded in 2017 by Donna Letier and Julie Eggers, Gardenuity merges gardening with well-being, delivering customized gardening kits and experiences to consumers and businesses nationwide. 


With its patent-pending Match Technology platform, Gardenuity expertly-matches consumers with gardens and gardening experiences tailored to their location and lifestyle, incorporating factors including, but not limited to, forecasted weather, seasonality, farm inventory, plant nutrient needs and location, in addition to customer preferences.


Gardenuity for Business helps organizations improve team well-being and mental health by offering tailored, multi-faceted gardening programs. Programs that bring the restorative power of nature to colleagues, leadership teams, and customers.  

Solutions include employee and client gift programming, onboarding support for new employees and more. In addition to products, Gardenuity provides organizations with workshops, offered in-person or virtually, covering a variety of topics and themes including sustainable cooking and cocktail-making, mindfulness workshops, and more. 


To date, Gardenuity has celebrated over 5 million harvests across the country and helped over 500 companies from Google to Cigna bring mental, physical and community health to their employees.

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