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June 22-23, 2022 | Boston, USA

The Leading Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work USA Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, Human Resources and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Mangement

✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation

Topics to expect:

The HR leader in a Hybrid World

Employee engagement and experience from anywhere

Supporting employee wellbeing and avoiding burnout

Resetting the workplace - is it fit for purpose?

Technology to support the Future of Work




Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks
Panel: The HR Leader in a Hybrid World
  • What are HR Leaders new priorities and how have these shifted over the last couple of years?
  • What has the pandemic and remote working taught HR Leaders about their workforce?
  • What do HR Leaders need to consider when formulating their back-to-work / hybrid work strategies?
  • How will HR leaders monitor and measure the effectiveness of their new model work strategies going forward?


Presentation: Adopting a flexible working model
  • One size does not fit all - how can you offer employees a flexible model that suits them?
  • Challenges and opportunities that flexible working presents to employers
  • Maintaining connection and engagement in the flexible working model
  • How do you measure productivity?
  • How do employers maintain equity and inclusion with on-site workers vs. remote workers
Coffee Break
HR & Engagement Track
Presentation: Leading Remote teams
  • Common challenges of leading remote teams#
  • What skills sets do managers of a dispersed workforce need?
  • How can managers inspire innovation and drive engagement across remote teams?
  • Creating a productive, engaging and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of location





Presentation: Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the hybrid workplace
  • What challenges and opportunities does hybrid working bring for DEI?
  • What do employers need to consider when advancing equity in a hybrid workplace?
  • How do you create a level playing field for advancement and reward?
  • Addressing the biases managers may hold toward in-person and remote work.
Presentation: The new workplace experience
  • Remote Vs. Office - when employees can work anywhere, what motivates them to work from the office?
  • What does the post-covid reality mean for office real estate?
  • How will flexible working enable employees to bring their best selves to work?
  • How can employers truly adopt a best of both hybrid strategy?
  • Prioritising employee health and safety




Lunch Break
Panel: Building and maintaining culture with a hybrid workforce
  • How can leaders be intentional about creating a strong, positive and inclusive company culture?
  • Facilitating open communication, collaboration and driving innovation
  • Shifting to an outcome-focused work culture
  • Promoting self-care and wellbeing and avoiding burn out
  • Effective onboarding introducing new team members
  • Creating a sense of belonging within the organization



Presentation: Hybrid employee engagement
  • Best practices for keeping hybrid workers motivated and engaged
  • How can you empower employees and make them feel valued?
  • Harnessing the power of feedback and ideas.
  • The importance of a good onboarding programme.
Coffee Break
Digital Workplace Track
Presentation: Shaping and delivering your Digital Workplace Strategy
  • What business capabilities will be targeted for digitalization?
  • Creating a digital workplace team. Leadership roles and team structures critical to the success of digital transformation
  • Successfully deploying new technologies and ensuring uptake.
  • How can business be more efficient? How can they scale up?
  • How should the Digital Workplace further evolve to support hybrid working
Presentation: Designing the digital workplace of the future
  • Creating an exceptional digital workplace experiences 
  • Applying Customer Experience principles to employee experience 
  • Designing a frictionless digital employee experience for all 
  • Creating moments that matter and ensuring employee wellbeing in the digital workplace 
Presentation: The role AI and automation in the modern workplace
  • Practical examples of how AI can be used in the modern workplace
  • Accelerating how work gets done with automation. What tasks can be automated? How do you decide what to automate first?
  • Human vs machine. How can humans and AI work together and addressing employee concerns
  • How can AI enhance employee experience?
  • Using employee data to drive business efficiencies.

Lunch Break
Panel: Building a collaborative and engaging digital workplace
  • What best practices are organisations discovering for effective communication and collaboration?
  • Ensuring all employees across the organisation (both office workers and frontline workers) have access to digital workplace technologies and feel engaged.
  • Creating better connection opportunities across the whole organisation.
  • Tools and technologies to optimise the employee experience and productivity
  • Designing a frictionless digital employee experience for all
Presentation: Democratizing IT for rapid digital transformation
  •  How do you understand what your employees want? How do they interact with technology?
  • Understanding user personas
  • Providing consumer like experiences to employees


Coffee Break
Main Track
Presentation: Technologies to enable hybrid working

Panel: Communication strategies for a dispersed workforce
  • Best practices for communicating change through uncertain times
  • Long term communication strategies that motivate and encourage collaboration
  • Selecting the right tools and channels to deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time.
  • Keeping employees engaged through effective and creative communications
  • Lessons learnt from over the last 2 years dealing with the pandemic
End of Day One

Day Two


Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks
Panel: Surviving the Great Resignation
  • What can HR do evolve the employee value proposition?
  • Addressing the work-life balance - how an employers promote a healthy work culture?
  • Outcomes over output - reimagining how productivity is measured
  • Extending trust and creating great employee experiences
  • How can employers provide additional flexibility?



Presentation: The war for talent
  • Strategies for gaining and retaining talent. How do you keep your top performers?
  • Investing in the employee. How can you help grow their careers?
  • How to attract and retain talent through innovative hiring, onboarding, and skill-building initiatives
  • Making your workplace a place with purpose and meaning and a great place to work



Coffee Break
HR & Engagement Track
Presentation: Recruitment technologies
  • How is tech affecting the way employers find talent? Opportunities to engage non-traditional candidates in broader geographies
  • What role does it play in driving diversity and inclusion?
  • Finding the right balance of technology and human touch.



Presentation: Re-evaluating the total rewards and compensation package
  • How has the pandemic and hybrid work affected what employers are offering in terms of total rewards?
  • What are employees and prospective employees looking for from employers?
  • What perks can employers offer to remain attractive to employees in a competitive job market?
  • Engaging employees and fostering a culture of wellbeing, financial wellness and support



Presentation: Supporting Employee health and Wellbeing
  • Designing a health and wellbeing strategy
  • Avoiding employee burnout, indifference or digital overload
  • Employing analytics to identify areas of concern
  • Restructuring working practices to deliver enhanced performance
  • Supporting employees in the transition back to the office



Lunch Break
Panel: The future of work, what is it starting to look like?
  • How employers will adapt in terms of flexible work post-pandemic?
  • What employers and leaders can do to retain and attract employees in this challenging environment;
  • How flexible work changes the employer/employee ‘deal’, and what this could mean for total rewards/compensation.
Presentation: Future-proofing Learning & Development
  • How can you make sure your employees are ready for the future of work?
  • Shaping the learning agenda to support strategic capability development
  • How can employers modernising learning practices and make it accessible to all?
  • How do you train new staff and replace in-person coaching?
Coffee Break
Digital Workplace Track
Presentation: Applying an agile mindset to the digital workplace
  • The importance of an agile mindset when creating a digital workplace 
  • Agile methodology and mindsets to consider, and key learnings for successful implementation 
  • What has the pandemic taught us about being able to adapt quicky to changing and ever evolving workplace requirements? 
Presentation: Workforce transformation
  • Experience 
  • Digital transformation 
  • Culture 


Presentation: Using People Analytics to inform decisions about the Future of Work
  • How can data help organisations in shaping post-pandemic workforce strategies?
  • Helping business managers to become more data literate and apply people analytics effectively
  • Where will people analytics have the most impact in the next 12 months?
Lunch Break
Panel: Leading the digital transformation change agenda
  • The importance of successful change management for success digital transformation
  • How can change teams best prepare employees for a digital workplace and new ways of working?
  • Putting employees at the heart digital transformation
  • Robust communication strategies to boost employee adoption
Case study: The digital journey 

A look at one organisation’s digital transformation journey. Looking at what they learnt, what they achieved and technologies deployed. 

Coffee Break
Main Track
Presentation: Supporting a multi-generational workforce
  • Benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workforce
  • Understanding the expectations of each demographic
  • How can you bridge the gap and unite the workforce?
  • How can you successfully gain and retain all employees?

Panel: The holy grail: How to truly engage employees and elevate the employee experience
  • How are employers boosting the employee experience and engagement post covid?
  • How has the employee experience changed now there are new hybrid working models?
  • A look at the shift in employee engagement to focus on well-being
  • Extending trust and investing in creating frictionless employee experience
  • How can employers create an inclusive company culture and a positive employee experience for all?
  • Employee listening strategies
End of Day Two

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Prices & packges

Standard Two Day Pass

$450 USD
  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networking
  • Lunch and Networking
  • Access To All Sessions on the Day
  • Access To All Sessions Post Event Via the FoW-HUB

Early Bird Two Day Pass

$200 USD
  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networking
  • Lunch & Networking
  • Access To All Session on The Day
  • Access to All Sessions Post Event via The FoW HUB

Soultion Provider Two Day Pass

$999 USD
  • Two Day Conference Ticket
  • Coffee-break & Networking
  • Lunch & Networking
  • Access To All Session on The Day
  • Access to All Sessions Post Event via The FoW HUB