6-7 June, 2023



June 6-7, 2023 | Hyatt Regency Chicago, USA | In-Person

The Leading
Future of Work Event Series

The Future of Work USA Event launched in 2019 with the core mission to focus on the latest trends & strategies within the Future of Work landscape including: the role of the HR and People function, Talent Management, Workforce Planning, Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, DEI, Employee Engagement, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development and Office Space & Design.

Created for senior executives within:

✓ Human Resources
✓ Internal Communication
✓ Change Management
✓ Talent Management


✓ Digital Workplace
✓ Employee Experience & Engagement
✓ Business Transformation
✓ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2022 Confirmed Speakers


Keith Sonderling, Commissioner


Keith Sonderling

Temitope Sadiku, Global Head of Digital Employee Experience


Temitope Sadiku

Stephen Dwight, Chief Talent Officer


Stephen Dwight

Molly Nagler, Chief Learning Officer


Molly Nagler

KeyAnna Schmiedl, Global Head, Culture & Inclusion


KeyAnna Schmiedl

Mary Phaphan, Managing Director| Strategy & Process Improvement


Mary Phaphan

Peter Walmsley, SVP Organization Effectiveness


Paul Walmsley

Victoria Dew, CEO


Victoria Drew

Kimberly Moore-Wright, Chief Teammate (People) Officer and Head of Enterprise Diversity


Kimberly Moore-Wright

Rob King, Head of People Analytics, Sr. Director


Rob King

Deborah Hyman, Head of Employee Communications & Employer Brand


Deborah Hyman

Alicia Austin, Senior Vice President, NA People & Organization


Alicia Austin

Nadine Maschika, VP, Employee Experience & HR Operations


Nadine Maschika

Michael Powers, Director of Employee Experience & Engagement


Michael Powers

Dan Collier, Head of Learning and Development


Dan Collier

Speaker short description.

Rich Robles, VP & Chief Diversity Officer


Rich Robles

Jez Langhorn, Chief Human Resources Officer


Jez Langhorn

Franchesca Carrington, , Vice President, DEI & Talent Development


Franchesca Carrington

Monica Bertran, Head of Innovation and Employee Engagement Communications


Monica Bertran

Mike Dallas, SVP Global Head of Employee Experience


Mike Dallas

Speaker short description.

Smita Katakwar, Vice President Of Technology


Smita Katakwar

Elizabeth Burton, Director, Workplace Transformation


Elizabeth Burton

Mark Smith, Head of Talent Acquisition


Mark Smith

Ankur Gopal, Founder


Ankur Gopal

Michelle Saunders, Vice President, Head of Talent Management


Michelle Saunders

Karen Mendoza, Director, Employee Experience


Karen Mendoza

Adrian Cohn Vice President, Marketing


Adrian Cohn

Matthew Valencius, Senior Manager, Enterprise Skills


Matthew Valencius

Mike McNeilly, Director of Enterprise Accounts


Mike McNeilly

Lauren Brouhard, Head of Workforce Planning, Talent Management and People Analytics


Lauren Brouhard

Priya Ramanathan, VP of Government & Workforce Partnerships


Priya Ramanathan

Kristie Franco, Director of Sales


Kristie Franco

Catherine Moy, Chief People Officer


Catherine Moy

Melissa Matlins, VP Marketing


Melissa Matlins

Lee McKinley, Manager, People Development


Lee McKinley

Crystal Boysen, Chief People Officer


Crystal Boysen

Aimee Gindin, Head of Marketing & Strategy

TORCHLIGHT, a LifeSpeak company

Aimee Gindin

Jon Rovello, Director of Workplace


Jon Rovello

David Maffei, President; Chief Revenue Officer


David Maffei

Cynthia Stuckey, Head of NA/Canada


Cynthia Stuckey

Ani Acker, Global Director of Learning and Leadership Development


Ani Acker

Yscaira Jimenez, Chief Innovation Officer

Opportunity @ Work

Yscaira Jimenez

Caitlin Brady, Strategy Advisor


Caitlin Brady


  • 9:00AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks


  • 9:15AM

    Panel: HR’s role in creating a great ‘future-ready’ organization

    • How can HR help prepare their organizations for the Future of Work
    • Building a Future of Work framework and aligning people strategy to ensure successful business operations.
    • How can HR leaders contribute to a culture of high employee engagement and positive employee experience?
    • Harnessing the full potential of employees and gaining a competitive edge.
  • 9:55AM

    Presentation: What steps can HR leaders take to make an impact on their organizations?

    • Are the traditional operating models still fit for purpose?
    • How can organizations truly empower their HR Business Partners?
    • Strategies for streamlining inefficiencies
    • How do you push self-serve and get into the true business of HR strategic support?
  • 10:25AM

    Presentation: Creating connection with a dispersed workforce

    • How can you maintain employee connection whilst still offering flexible working or that transcends locations, geographies, time zones and cultures?
    • Connecting employees to purpose and driving engagement
    • Generating authentic connections and capturing those ‘water-cooler’ moments remotely
    • Creating a sense of community and belonging for all employees
  • 10:55AM

    Coffee Break and Speed Networking

  • 11:25AM

    Panel: Re-engaging employees and avoiding ‘Quiet Quitting’

    • What can employers do to re-engage disconnected employees?
      Facilitating a culture of open communication to address employee problems
    • Understanding individual goals and expectations
    • Making sure employees feel valued and celebrated
    • Prioritizing mental and physical well-being and avoiding burnout
  • 12:05PM

    Presentation: Cultivating future-thinking mindsets

    • How can leaders challenge the way they think and how can they apply that to creating new strategies?
    • Unlearning old ways of thinking and embracing new behaviours  
    • What does thinking strategically look like in the new world? How will this shape your organizational strategy?
    • Developing growth mindsets and agile ways of working so your organization can thrive in uncertain times
  • 12:35PM

    Lunch Break

  • 1:35PM

    Panel: Elevating employee experience through technology

    • How can employers be intentional with their technology approach to improve the digital employee experience?
    • Bridging the gap between the people function and IT to create effective digital workplaces.
    • Leveraging technology for internal insights and frequent touch points with teams.
    • How can employers remain competitive in their technology approach in such a fast-moving environment?
  • 2:15PM

    Presentation: The Metaverse and the world of work

    • How can the metaverse be used affectively within organizations?
    • What opportunities does it bring? A look at teamwork and collaboration in the metaverse
    • What potential challenges do you need to think about?
    • Is your organization ready for this new virtual world? Does it need to be?
  • 2:45PM

    Panel: Reconsidering culture in a hybrid world

    • How have employers had to change their culture strategies to reflect the new ways of working?
    • How can employers protect company culture whilst empowering hybrid teams?
    • Should companies be encouraging micro cultures that form around teams or should culture be determined from the top down?
    • How can leaders be intentional in creating a sense of belonging for all employees?
  • 2:45PM

    Coffee Break

  • 3:55PM

    Discussion sessions:

    Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one of the following discussion groups:

    Group 1: How to make a business case for and operationalize employee experience?
    This session will look at the perception of cost relating to employee experience and culture. How can you understand the costs, how do you operationalise it and get funding and ongoing budget and how does it contribute to the bottom line?

    Group 2: Total Flexibility Vs. Mandated hybrid Vs. full-time In Office/ on site
    From strategy to execution. Now organizations have seen the effects of their chosen working model what outcomes have they seen? This session will look at different working models and discuss the pros and cons of each one. Is your model working or do you need to consider a different approach or adapt it? What do you need to support each working model?

    Group 3: How can you move towards being a skills-based organization?
    This session will look at how organizations can shift mindsets and redefine talent strategies to move away from the traditional job role hierarchy to a faster moving, dynamic matching of skills to work and how do you move to skill-based hiring?

    Group 4: How can you equip your leaders to be successful in a multi-choice workstyle culture?
    Now that employees can work from anywhere, what tools and skills do leaders need? How are you equipping your leadership to be fully capable of navigating the new working models to make sure they are successful and deliver results?

  • 5:00PM

    End of day one conference sessions

  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM

    Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Area

  • 9:15AM

    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • 9:30AM

    Presentation: Building a Future-ready workforce

    • How can employers predict what capabilities and skills their future workforce will need?
    • How can you move towards being a skills-based organization?
    • Ensuring you have the right people and skill sets to meet your future organizational needs
    • Bridging the skills gap, investing in your upskilling program, improving digital literacy
    • Rethinking strategies for gaining and retaining talent.
  • 10:00AM

    Presentation: Rethinking your EVP for a multi work style environment

    • Has your EVP been updated to adjust to the new ways of working?
    • How do you deliver on your EVP in an environment that is differentiated by the employee and their workstyle preferences?
    • Do you have the right building blocks in place to match the employee experience with your EVP?
    • Are your leaders equipped to deliver and enable the promises made to employees and candidates?
    • Fostering collaboration, innovation and a sense of belonging when not in a bricks and mortar setting
  • 10:30AM

    Panel: Attracting the next generation of employees

    What are the next generation of talent looking for in their employers?
    How does this differ from 5 years ago?
    What do they value and what is motivating for them?

  • 11:10AM

    Coffee Break and Speed Networking

  • 11:40AM

    Presentation: Reassessing your total rewards and compensation strategy

    • What does your long-term total compensation strategy look like?
    • How do you deal with overly inflated job titles and salaries following the war for talent?
    • How to respond to the rise and fall of inflation and the cost of living
    • Balancing pay with other benefits and providing longer term incentives.
  • 12:10PM

    Presentation: Harnessing the power of Talent Intelligence

    • How can organizations use data and AI to connect with employees across the hiring and employee lifecycle?
    • Why talent intelligence is key to building workforces of the future
    • The role of AI in creating fairer, more diverse, and inclusive workplaces and eliminating human bias.
    • Evaluating the risks involved, both ethical and practical.

  • 12:40PM

    Panel: Advancing DEI priorities

    • Balancing DEI objectives with short term staffing needs
    • What challenges does hybrid working present for maintaining equity in the workplace?
    • Strategies for advancing under-represented talent
    • Are your recruitment programs fit for advancing your DEI goals?
    • The importance of a good employee value proposition to attract and retain diverse talent
  • 1:20PM

    Lunch Break

  • 2:20PM

    Presentation: Is the Future a 4-day week?

    • Is the 9-5 five-day week still fit for purpose?
    • What are the benefits for employers and employees of moving to a 4-day week?
    • How are initial trials going? A look at real life case studies and examples.
    • What challenges can employers expect and how can HR get buy in from the top?
  • 2:50PM

    Presentation: Building a change-ready organization

    • Is your organization change ready? How do you cultivate a work culture that is receptive to change?
    • Ensuring you have a clear vison and incentivizing employees to move towards it
    • Developing change champions and building change management capabilities into your organization
    • Communicating change effectively, knowing your audience and the impact that any change will have on them.
    • Creating a compelling case for change and ensuring all leaders are on board.
  • 3:20PM

    Panel: Leadership development in the new era

    • Changing paradigms to a more human leadership style, what capabilities do future leaders need?
    • How do you enable good leadership with a constantly changing and dispersed workforce?
    • Developing strategic capabilities, behaviors, and frameworks.
    • Growing a diverse leadership succession pipeline
    • What critical challenges do leaders of today and tomorrow face and how can they be equipped to deal with them?

  • 4:00PM

    End of Day Two

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