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Discussion: What Does The Future HR Leader Look Like?

Key questions covered in the roundtable :
  • What does the Future HR leader look like? What skills do they need?
  • How can HR leaders gain and maintain their seat at the executive top table?
  • Balancing the voice of the employee with the needs and goals of the company
  • How can HR leaders strengthen and demonstrate their strategic ability?


This roundtable will feature a panel of expert speakers to discuss and engage with participants on their experience and views, including Brian Madden, Distinguished Technologist at VMware who will provide insight into the critical roles HR has had to adapt to during covid-19 and his learnings of speaking to 50+ senior HR executives.


Panel Experts Include:  

Silvia Fraser, Director, Transformation, Workplace Strategies

City of Toronto

Colleen Baldwin, Global Design Director


Helen Ashton, VP, HR Canada

Campbell Soup Company

Kelley Merizan, VP, HR Business Partner