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NOVEMBER 13-14, 2024



Future of Work Partners



Join us for the 5th annual Future of Work Europe event, co-located with the renowned L&D Leaders Europe, as we converge in the heart of America's dynamic business landscape. Over two impactful days, immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the future workplace, with a focus on HR transformation, employee engagement, digital workplace solutions, communication strategies, talent development, organizational culture, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I).



Experience the wisdom of 40+ industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries shaping the future of work landscape at our event


Join a diverse community of industry leaders, decision-makers, and innovators representing a wide range of sectors. From HR, EX, Talent, Culture, People Services and Digital Workplace to expand your network and drive business growth.


Elevate your experience and expand your professional network at our  networking sessions during the event – connecting minds, fostering collaborations, and unlocking opportunities 


Collaborating with over 30 partners from around the globe, we bring you a dynamic lineup of industry leaders and collaborators supporting our event.




  • Expert Insights: Gain access to industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries sharing exclusive insights and knowledge, providing you with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, peers, and potential collaborators in a dynamic networking environment, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your professional circle.

  • Skill Enhancement: Participate in interactive workshops and sessions designed to enhance your skills, offering practical knowledge and tools that you can immediately apply in your professional journey.

  • Innovation Showcase: Explore cutting-edge technologies and innovations showcased by industry leaders, providing a firsthand look at the latest trends and advancements shaping your field.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to personal and professional development, offering a platform to learn, grow, and elevate both your career and personal aspirations.


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  • Recognition: Elevate your brand's profile across Europe by partnering with a high-impact event, ensuring widespread visibility and exposure to a diverse audience from coast to coast.
  • Strategic Networking: Cultivate valuable connections within the UK & European business landscape, engaging with industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential clients to drive growth and collaboration within the local market.

  • Leadership in UK & European Innovation: Position your company as a leader in the Future of Work landscape by associating with an event that attracts key players and influencers, showcasing your commitment to the workplace of tomorrow.

  • Targeted Market Exposure: Secure targeted visibility within the UK & European HR, Employee Experience (EX), and Talent demographics, ensuring your brand resonates specifically with key professionals in these critical areas of the European workforce.

  • Brand Recognition in the True North: Align your brand with the UK & European spirit of innovation and progress by sponsoring or partnering with an event at the forefront of industry trends, reinforcing your dedication to staying ahead in the Future of Work Ecosystem. 

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2024 Early Confirmed Speakers



Featured Speakers

Take a look at some of our featured EUROPE speakers below!




Future of Work
Day One

    • Where are CHROs focusing their attention when it comes to The Future of Work?
    • What are they looking for from their leadership team?
    • How have CHROs changed their outlook and strategies post-pandemic?
    • What are the biggest challenges CHROs now face?
    • How can they inspire the whole organisation and lead authentically?
    • A look at the strategic role of HR in driving organisational change.
    • How can organisations combat change fatigue among employees?
    • Importance of engaging with all stakeholders on the change journey
    • Ways to support employees through periods of uncertainty.


  1. Morning Break and Networking
    • How can you maintain employee connection whilst still offering flexible working or that transcends locations, geographies, time zones and cultures?
    • Connecting employees to purpose and driving engagement
    • Generating authentic connections and capturing those ‘water-cooler’ moments remotely
    • Creating a sense of community and belonging for all employees
    • How can organizations maximize creativity and productivity through better use of technology?
    • Can tech enable cross team collaboration and effective teamwork?
    • What processes should be streamlined through automation technologies?
    • How can employers be intentional in their technology approach and design frictionless digital experiences so employees can be productive
  2. Lunch & Networking
    • Strategies for encouraging workers back to the office. Are mandates the answer?
    • How can employers differentiate the office experience to the remote working experience to make it compelling?
    • Understanding the barriers to employees returning to office
    • Should employers be looking for ways to help with employees with the financial implications or returning to the office?
  3.  Attendees will have a focus area or business problem to discuss in their groups. This is an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with your fellow attendees.

    The purpose of the session is to share ideas, flex your creative thinking and collaborate to discuss a challenge facing businesses / HR departments today.

  4. Afternoon Break & Networking
    • How can organizations embrace Generative AI and revolutionise how work is done, both within the HR Department and in the wider organization?
    • Practical examples of how GenAI can improve employee engagement and productivity and drive organisational success.
    • Overcoming resistance to change, barriers to adoption and employee fears of being replaced by AI.
    • Upskilling and reskilling, making sure everyone has the skills necessary to work alongside AI.
    • Ethical and practical considerations including transparency, privacy protection, and bias mitigation
    • How can organizations ensure employees reach their full potential and contribute to the overall success of the company?
    • What tools and techniques can employers put in place to create a motivated and high-performing workforce?
    • Overcoming challenges that might be preventing employees from being their best.
    • Fostering a positive work environment so employees feel valued and supported
    • Creating a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment that values and supports employees.
    • Effective communication and engagement strategies to enhance the employee experience.
    • Tailoring your employee experience across all of your different demographics
    • Measuring the impact of your EX programs - how can you tell how well they are working?

Future of Work
Day Two

    • What recruitment challenges are organisations facing in today’s labour market
    • Building and promoting an employer brand that attracts top talent.
    • Improving the candidate experience and leveraging technology to improve efficiency.
    • Strategies for retaining top talent including rewards and recognition, career development and a positive work environment.
    • Developing robust talent pipelines and seeking new talent sources
    • Understanding the changing technology landscape and its impact on workforce skills.
    • Data-driven approaches to skills forecasting.
    • Designing training and development programs.
    • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and upskilling.
  1. Morning Break and Networking
    • Are your company career maps still fit for purpose?
    • Creating transparency around career progression and development.
    • What do current workforces think about in terms of career – is it the same as past workforces?
    • Do your company values and purpose propositions speak to your employees and show them they belong?
    • How can organisations ensure leaders are intentional about creating a strong, positive, and inclusive company culture?
    • What are you doing within your businesses to create a sense of belonging for all?
    • How can you make culture about emotional connection and not about bricks and mortar?
    • The importance of strong company values and vision to unite employees.
  2. Lunch & Networking
    • Creating a holistic listening program that moves beyond just surveys – what other ways can you listen to your organisation?
    • Actioning the insights to better the business and the employee experience.
    • How can you ensure that you are listening throughout the whole employee journey?
    • How can you get leadership involved and invested in the process?
    • How can businesses identify, develop and deploy talent to meet the needs of the business?
    • Deconstructing ‘jobs’ and becoming a skills-based organization
    • Creating a culture of mobility and incentivising managers not to hoard their best performers.
    • Navigating legislation, compliance, red tape and other pitfalls to create complete workforce agility
  3. Coffee and networking
    • Creating an environment of trust and psychological safety
    • How can employers avoid employee burnout?
    • Why employee wellbeing is a business priority that should not be overlooked.
    • Making employee wellness meaningful, what can you do beyond rolling out apps?
    • Creating a culture where employees can thrive.
    • How can organizations create a cohesive and collaborative workplace where employees from different generations can thrive?
    • Understanding the needs and work preferences of each generation
    • Implementing effective communication strategies, tailoring communication styles and channels.
    • Encouraging collaboration and cross-generational mentorship

Future of Learning
Day One

    • Effective collaboration with leadership to support their understanding of the role of L&D in the organisation.
    • How can organisations unlock success through learning and development?
    • Aligning learning initiatives with strategic goals.
    • How can organisations work cross-functionally and not in silos?
    • How can L&D impact business growth?
    • How can organisations provide consistent learning opportunities wherever employees work?
    • Maintaining engagement and connection with remote employees.
    • The role of technology in creating interactive learning experiences and collaborative learning environments.
    • Best practices to ensure effective learning and development in the new era of work.  
  1. Morning coffee break and networking
    • How is AI transforming the L&D landscape?
    • Understanding AI-powered learning platforms, what benefits can they bring and what do you need to watch out for?
    • Effectively integrating AI into your existing L&D processes.
    • Real-life examples of successful AI adoption in L&D.


  2. A quick ice-breaker session you can get to know your fellow attendees.

    • What is behavioural science and why is it a critical skill for L&D professionals?
    • How organisations can use behavioural science to transform their learning and development approach.
    • Examples of where behavioural science has been used in practice to drive behavioural change and better organisational outcomes.
  3. Lunch break and networking
    • Examining the effects of persistent change on L&D and navigating them effectively.
    • Exploring effective strategies to construct a versatile and responsive L&D framework.
    • L&D’s role in creating growth mindsets and fostering a resilient organisational culture.
  4. Attendees will have a focus area or business problem to discuss in their groups. This is an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with your fellow attendees.

  5. Afternoon coffee break and networking
    • What technology is disrupting the L&D space? Keeping up with emerging technology and how this can be integrated into your learning initiatives.
    • How can technology change non-training methods of development like coaching?
    • Using tech to increase human interaction between instructors, learners, and coaches.
    • What is hype and what is here to stay? How to know what tech to invest in.
  6. Join us for an insightful exploration into one of the most pressing trends in today's workplace: the heightened emphasis on soft skills.

    • Why and how L&D teams should measure their employees' soft skill competence.
    • How to design a tailored training programme to address the soft skill gaps within your company.
    • How to use soft skills for a competitive advantage to prepare for the future workforce.
    • Identifying barriers to learning within your organisation.
    • The importance of leadership buy-in to support learning initiatives.
    • Providing accessible and inclusive learning opportunities.
    • Managing information overload. How can L&D guide employees to effectively navigate and filter vast amounts of information that is available to them.
    • Empowering employees to take ownership of their own learning journeys.

Future of Learning
Day Two


    • What critical challenges do leaders of today and tomorrow face and how can they be equipped to deal with them?
    • Changing paradigms to a more human leadership style, what capabilities do future leaders need?
    • Overcoming executive leadership resistance to change and how can you and engage them in learning programmes?
    • How do you enable good leadership with a constantly changing and dispersed workforce?
      Developing strategic capabilities, behaviours, and frameworks.
    • How L&D leaders can use what may seem like challenges with the new Gen-Z workforce, to their company’s advantage.
    • How to understand the unique and individual learning needs of a younger workforce.
    • How to close the generation gap between high level managers, and the leaders of tomorrow.
  2. Morning coffee break and networking
    • What is your annual net production of talent?
    • What percentage of your leaders are leading at the right level? - how to unlock the value of the leadership you are already paying for.
    • Fortune survey shows that only 10 percent of CEO’s believe their company’s leadership development initiatives have clear business impact. How to deliver measurable change in leadership behavior.
    • 90% of middle managers agree; it is critical to have good front line managers, yet less than 5% of front-line managers’ report being developed as leaders – how to build a leader-led development culture.
    • Assessing skills shortages in your organisation and predicting future skill requirements.
    • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.
    • Leveraging technology for scalable learning solutions.
  3. Lunch break and networking
    • Why building a high emotional intelligence of middle managers is important for the success of their decision-making and relationship management of employees.
    • How L&D Leaders can equip their middle managers with the right skillset to succeed. 
    • What do organisations expect from their managers and leaders? A look at how responsibilities and expectations have changed.
    • Developing management styles that foster an environment of trust, communication, and appreciation.
    • How can L&D build inclusive mindsets and behaviours with employees?
    • Creating a culture of learning and growth that supports and empowers individuals from all backgrounds.
    • Embedding DEI principles throughout the learning journey
    • Measuring the impact of DEI-focused L&D programs.
  4. Afternoon coffee break and networking
    • How do personalised learning initiatives influence employee engagement, productivity, and career advancement within organisations?
    • Investigating how learning analytics can reveal valuable insights into employees' learning preferences and skill gaps.
    • How L&D leaders can overcome challenges and foster a supportive learning culture that embraces experimentation and continuous improvement.
    • What practical steps can L&D leaders take to encourage learner engagement?
    • Can Microlearning provide a quick win for engagement?
    • Encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing through social learning activities.
    • Ensuring employees are receiving personalised learning programs.
    • The role of technology in enhancing learning engagement.
    • The importance of feedback and assessment in learner engagement.



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Venue: Park Plaza London Riverbank

Future of Work Europe is delighted to host our 2024 event at Park Plaza London Riverbank

How to get there:

  • Address: 18 Albert Embankment. Vauxhall, London, SE1 7TJ


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