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Join us for the 5th annual Future of Work Canada event, co-located with the renowned L&D Leaders Canada, as we converge in the heart of Canada's dynamic business landscape. Over two impactful days, immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the future workplace, with a focus on HR transformation, employee engagement, digital workplace solutions, communication strategies, talent development, organizational culture, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I).




Experience the wisdom of 40+ industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries shaping the future of work landscape at our event


Join a diverse community of industry leaders, decision-makers, and innovators representing a wide range of sectors. From HR, EX, Talent, Culture, People Services and Digital Workplace to expand your network and drive business growth.


Elevate your experience and expand your professional network at our  networking sessions during the event – connecting minds, fostering collaborations, and unlocking opportunities 


Collaborating with over 30 partners from around the globe, we bring you a dynamic lineup of industry leaders and collaborators supporting our event.

Future of Work Canada will be co-located with our sister event L&D Leaders Canada

This provides our attendees, speakers and sponsors with shared networking during our coffee breaks, lunches and networking drinks, and a chance for you to bring your L&D team and share notes on both conferences.

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  • Expert Insights: Gain access to industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries sharing exclusive insights and knowledge, providing you with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, peers, and potential collaborators in a dynamic networking environment, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your professional circle.

  • Skill Enhancement: Participate in interactive workshops and sessions designed to enhance your skills, offering practical knowledge and tools that you can immediately apply in your professional journey.

  • Innovation Showcase: Explore cutting-edge technologies and innovations showcased by industry leaders, providing a firsthand look at the latest trends and advancements shaping your field.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to personal and professional development, offering a platform to learn, grow, and elevate both your career and personal aspirations.


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  • Recognition: Elevate your brand's profile across Canada by partnering with a high-impact event, ensuring widespread visibility and exposure to a diverse audience from coast to coast.
  • Strategic Networking: Cultivate valuable connections within the Canadian business landscape, engaging with industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential clients to drive growth and collaboration within the local market.

  • Leadership in Canadian Innovation: Position your company as a leader in  the Canadian Future of Work landscape  by associating with an event that attracts key players and influencers, showcasing your commitment to the workplace of tomorrow.

  • Targeted Market Exposure: Secure targeted visibility within the Canadian HR, Employee Experience (EX), and Talent demographics, ensuring your brand resonates specifically with key professionals in these critical areas of the Canadian workforce.

  • Brand Recognition in the True North: Align your brand with the Canadian spirit of innovation and progress by sponsoring or partnering with an event at the forefront of industry trends, reinforcing your dedication to staying ahead in the Future of Work Ecosystem. 

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Featured Speakers

Take a look at a featured speakers below!


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Day One

    • Where are CEO’s focusing their attention when it comes to The Future of Work?
    • What are they looking for from their leadership team?
    • How have CEOs changed their outlook and strategies post-pandemic?
    • What are the biggest challenges CEO’s now face?
    • How can they inspire the whole organisation and lead authentically?
    • Balancing flexibility with performance and connection.
    • Are back to office mandates the answer?
    • How are you differentiating the office experience to the remote working experience? 
    • How can you earn the employees commute to the office?
    • Which operating models are best for retaining staff?
    • How can organisations achieve real success in this new world of work?
  1. What is work wellbeing, and why does it impact your bottom line? In this session, Michelle will present the fundamentals of workplace wellbeing. Work environments influence employee satisfaction, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. Our latest survey shows job seekers and workers want to feel well at work. Stand apart from your competition by focusing on work wellbeing first. You will leave the session with actionable strategies that can foster a positive workplace culture and help you attract and retain talent.

    Join Michelle in this session, where you will learn:

    • What work wellbeing is and why it matters.
    • How wellbeing in the workplace affects you, your employees and your organization's success.
    • Strategies to change your workplace for better outcomes.

      What is work wellbeing, and why does it impact your bottom line? In this session, Michelle will present the fundamentals of workplace wellbeing. Work environments influence employee satisfaction, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. Our latest survey shows job seekers and workers want to feel well at work. Stand apart from your competition by focusing on work wellbeing first. You will leave the session with actionable strategies that can foster a positive workplace culture and help you attract and retain talent.

      Join Michelle in this session, where you will learn:

    • What work wellbeing is and why it matters.
    • How wellbeing in the workplace affects you, your employees and your organization's success.
    • Strategies to change your workplace for better outcomes.

  2. Morning Break and Networking
  3. Seventy-three per cent of employers prioritize hiring employees skilled in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). However, it can be challenging to find talent with the AI skills required. AI is transforming the workplace and many employers are looking to AI solutions for productivity, automation and workflow improvements. Emerging talent, like co-op students, understand that AI will be integral to their careers. They actively learn how to use AI as a teammate and partner in their tasks. In this session, University of Waterloo students talk about how they are utilizing AI during their industry experiences and how it positively impacts employers. They’ll share their experiences and offer strategies for how co-op students can help your organization embrace AI.  

    Learning outcomes:  

    • How emerging talent views AI in the workplace and where they believe they need to build their skill set.
    • How emerging talent, like co-op students, can utilize AI in your organization for positive impact and results. 
  4. The world continues to change at a pace never seen before – the challenges you now face are unique and unprecedented.  With preparation and guidance, you can be prepared to usher in the future of work in your organization. 

    Join Faizal Mitha, Chief Innovation Officer at HUB International, as he dives into the latest insights on how quality employee experiences can be engineered with intent using your own unique employee insights. 

    During the presentation you will learn: 

    • About the many factors now and on the horizon which are threatening to impact your benefit plan sustainability.
    • How to go beyond standard employee information to meaningful employee insights to create intentional benefits strategies – starting today.
    • Evolving your employee value proposition in a way that really moves the needle for your organizational goals.
    • Understanding why retention is becoming the key HR challenge in the evolving environment.
    • The importance of promoting inclusive benefits and quality employee experiences as part of a total rewards strategy.

    Join us as we explore how data driven insights can help you create an employee value proposition via benefit planning- addressing today’s major challenges and helping your organization differentiate itself for success. 

  5. Lunch & Networking
    • Creating a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment that values and supports employees.
    • Effective communication and engagement strategies to enhance the employee experience.
    • Tailoring your employee experience across all of your different demographics
    • Have your employees returned to the office with any regularity? If so, how are you optimizing the in office experience for employees and measuring employee satisfaction?
    • Measuring the impact of your EX programs - how can you tell how well they are working?
    • How can organisations leverage data insights to make informed decisions about The Future of work.
    • Using data for enhancing employee experience, measuring productivity and performance, diversity and inclusion metrics and much more
    • How can you effectively collect data, form current employees and from candidates?
    • Ensuring ethical and responsible use of data
    • Bringing humans and technology together to design great employee experiences that support and include the whole workforce.
    • Unlocking creativity and productivity through better use of technology
    • The role of tech in connecting and engaging the workforce wherever they work and enabling cross team collaboration
    • How can organisations be sure of making smart decisions when it comes to which technologies to invest in and implement?
  6. Afternoon Break & Networking
  7.  Hosted by: Jay Brommet, Head of Modern Work & Surface, Americas, Microsoft

    Attendees will have a focus area or business problem to discuss in their groups. This is an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with your fellow attendees.

    The purpose of the session is to share ideas, flex your creative thinking and collaborate to discuss a challenge facing businesses / HR departments today.


Day Two

    • Do your company values and purpose propositions speak to your employees and show them they belong?
    • How can organisations ensure leaders are intentional about creating a strong, positive, and inclusive company culture?
    • What are you doing within your businesses to create a sense of belonging for all?
    • How can you make culture about emotional connection and not about bricks and mortar?
    • The importance of strong company values and vision to unite employees.
  1. Step into the future of hiring with this dynamic session, where you'll gain invaluable insights into harnessing AI and automation for talent acquisition. Learn how to navigate the evolving landscape of recruitment in 2024, and discover the secrets to staying ahead in the competitive world of talent sourcing.

    Join us to learn:

    • Revolutionizing Recruitment: Uncover how AI and automation are reshaping talent acquisition in 2024.
    • Real-World Transformations: Delve into case studies showcasing the impactful changes driven by these technologies in hiring processes.
    • AI Integration Best Practices: Acquire practical strategies for seamlessly incorporating AI into your recruitment efforts.
    • Promoting Diversity and Efficiency: Learn how AI enhances hiring fairness and streamlines candidate selection.
    • Case Study Insights: Gain valuable lessons from a detailed case study on overcoming recruitment challenges with AI.
  2. Most of us haves witnessed tech disruptions over the years, including the PC, the Internet, ChatGPT, and practical automation. Disruptions will continue at an unprecedented rate as organizations worldwide embrace exponential technologies more quickly and more deeply than ever before. This brings up a question: What does it mean for a worker to have experience when tech is in constant transition?

    Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, as he shows you what the most progressive organizations are doing to upskill their workers. He will discuss what he calls “skillability, which includes getting foundational skills that allow workers to cooperate and negotiate with the inevitable opportunities and uncertainty that occurs when we adopt net tech. James will also discuss how various job roles have focused on what James calls the “X factor,” which includes Customer Experience (CX), Partner Experience (PX), and Employee Experience (EX).

    Are your workers eXperienced? If you’re not sure, then join with James in a lively discussion. internal training Customer Experience / Employee Experience are symptoms of exponential change.

    Topics will include:

    • Tech challenges facing leaders in Canada and the world, from the confidence gap to diversity
    • Unique skillsets needed today and tomorrow, based on CompTIA research
    • Potential shortages we’re seeing in Canada and worldwide
    • How to create “skillable” tech workers
    • Successful talent upskilling and retention strategies
  3. Morning Break and Networking
    • What recruitment challenges are organisations facing in 2024 and beyond?
    • Building and promoting an employer brand that attracts top talent
      Improving the candidate experience.
    • Leveraging technology to improve efficiency and reach a wider audience of potential candidates.
    • Developing robust talent pipelines and seeking new talent sources
    • Integrating persons experiencing disability is an active pursuit of a transformative workplace culture and a healthier bottom line.  
    • Does your company's DEI strategy include disability?  
    • Are your disability inclusion strategies improving your workplace culture? 
    • Do you know how to reach a qualified, largely untapped pool of talent for your staffing needs? 
    • What inclusion strategies are other Canadian companies using? 
    • How can I continue to build my organization’s capacity to diversify my workforce to include disability?

    Join our session to explore how to build a disability-inclusive workplace that fosters innovation, resilience, and growth. 

    • How can employers empower and connect with workers no matter where they work?
    • The role of internal communications to engage employees
    • How can you boost engagement and productivity for Frontline workers?
    • Ways to retain your hourly workforce.
    • Creating a sense of belonging for all.
  4. Lunch & Networking
  5. The employee experience is constantly evolving - from different generations working together, to where and how we work, the technology at our fingertips and most importantly - expectations that our employees have on us as leaders. In this session we’ll discuss how we can best support flexibility in how we collaborate and connect with others around us. Hear how Google believes technology and generative AI will play a critical role in supporting this next evolution of the Employee Experience by creating a more productive, informed, empowered and happier workforce all while elevating culture, equity, and inclusivity.

  6. Successful employee listening exposes beliefs, motivations and perspectives from across your organization in a way that provokes focused and productive evolution of your employee experience, culture and organizational strategy. This talk will explore approaches that go beyond the annual employee survey of old to create dynamic, responsive listening capabilities that are built to feed into your organizational strategy. 

     This talk will explore the following questions:

    • What do we mean by ‘employee listening’ and why is it an important capability for your organization?
    • What does a healthy, effective listening capability look like?
    • How can you elevate your listening capability to impact corporate strategy and expand leaders’ empathy for employees?
    • What do organisations expect from their managers and leaders?
    • A look at how responsibilities and expectations have changed.
    • How are employers equipping their managers to lead effectively and engage teams wherever they work?
    • What capabilities and skills do managers need to connect with employees?
    • Developing management styles that foster an environment of trust, communication and appreciation.

Venue: The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

Future of Work Canada is delighted to return to The Westin Harbour Hotel, Toronto on March 5-6, 2024. 

How to get there:

  • Address: 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, Canada
  • From Toronto Pearson International Airport: 26.6 km
  • Parking: Off-site parking, fee: 40 CAD daily

    Valet parking, fee: 55 CAD daily

  • Other Transportation: 

    Bus Station: Bay St 
    Subway Station: Union Station 
    Train Station: Union Station 


Our event discount has now expired, please book directly through the hotel.

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 $850 CAD

  • Two day conference ticket
  • Coffee-break & networking
  • Lunch & networking
  • Access to all session across the two days in Future of Work Canada.
  • Access to all approved presentations post event via the FoW HUB

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Pass Plus 

$3500 CAD

  • Full access to FoW Canada and L&D Leaders Canada
  • Virtual shopfront within the event app
  • 1 x lead scanner
  • Lunch & networking
  • Coffee break & networking
  • Access to all approved presentations post event via the FoW HUB

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